Zimmerman Collection Recap, Fashion Week 2019

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Fashion week has taken us by storm within the last month! So many shows, collections, and presentations—oh so little time, right?—But we always manage to make it to the shows. We are going to be doing a recap of the Zimmerman show & collection overall. Fashion week is a time to have a fun, experiment and catch up with your friends over the most amazing shows ever!!! I am always so pleased to looking forward to the Zimmerman show simply because she never disappoints! I love the feminine aspect of her work, and the patterns, colors, etc. You can tell she defiantly pays attention to the minor details, which I appreciate it. 

     Her fall/winter 2019 collection, consisted of flamboyant textures, and patterns—but also still has the element of sophistication. I walked into one of her storefronts, in the heart of SoHo, in New York and was in awe—I think when you can walk into a store, or a place and get emotional over the garments that truly tells you something about the designer! I am someone who truly appreciates the art/craftsmanship in clothes and the detail that goes into making them possible. The Australian born designer has incorporated so many things into her collections, from spring ready-to-wear to swimwear etc, she truly is a powerhouse in the fashion world, and I am super excited to see where the brand will go! 

  Watching the collection, every piece truly felt like something you would see in a fashion museum, The clothes were absolutely stunning.

    I loved that she incorporated jackets, and pants into her collection. I feel as if sometimes, we know her for her beautiful dresses, but seeing her add more variety to her collection, and accessories was a pleasure to see. The collection gave me this nostalgia feeling of Paris, and all the florals and textured mustard colors were just very appealing. A theme that I Saw throughout the show, was that for the most part, a lot of the garments were belted, which I really liked! I love how she designed certain tops/blouse, to be over the top, with a casual pair of slacks but still have that chic feel and look to it. It’s always good, as a designer to step outside your normal box, and do things differently! The show was amazing, and I could not have asked for a better show! 

    Now with spring rolling in, we have some exciting clothing to chose from. We would like to know what were your favorite shows of fashion week this year? Make sure you comment below, to tell us about your favorite shows, designers and garments! Until next time Fashionista’s