You only know the HAF Weirdos.

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In a genre not typically lauded for its humility, Ohio Mc Hafrican, has set forth some fairly modest career goals, make good music and hopefully, people will enjoy it! Hafrican comes on with much greater intensity than the projects in person, packing tracks with rapid-fire syllables that spread into every crevice like a watertight sealant. Hafricans’ frantic style is an outgrowth from the years he spent studying drums (prior to emerging as Hafrican, Brian Earley manned the kit for shape-shifting jam collective Amorphia). Hafrican has long had an interest in music — the Columbus native started playing drums at 3 and could perform double-stroke rolls less than a year later — he didn’t take up rhyming until he turned 19.
     Fast forward to the present, the rest they say is history. Or at least history for Hafrican and his art. Weirdo is the second full album on Every Body Else’s ent. and focusses on the outside the box attitude, that is Haf! With soulful production from a legend like J. Rawls, extreme anti-establishment/pro people anthems with emcee Jus Mic of the national band, Mushroom Head, to EDM based track with internet producer sensation, Fallsteeze….. Weirdo defines the artist himself, that doesn’t fit any molds.
“Weirdo” x Hafrican out May 2, 2017
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“Lose My Mind” ft. prod. Fallsteeze

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