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What up good people! It’s your boy Trav Dave from Dabeeside crew, dropping off another exclusive interview with a beautiful, educated and talented young lady that I have had the pleasure to know over the past year. She’s the “Jack-ie” of all trades.  She does it all from films to writing to editing and so much more. She’s always on the move and I always ask her when does she have time to sleep. She works much harder than most men I know in the industry and she’s always willing to help out and shows love. Let me hear it one time for the multi-talented Lindsey India!
What was it about the Hip-Hop culture that made you want to be a part of it?
I don’t even know what exactly it is. I love that it originated from those who felt like outsiders, who could come together in the name of music and style. The fact that it was born off of all these key elements [b-boying, graffiti, the DJ, and the MC] which require amazing talent is just so inspiring. Once you understand hip hop culture, it’s hard to not want to be part of it. I think I felt it’s significance at a younger age than most people from my kind of circumstances. The culture has gotten me through so many difficult periods in my life, so it would be hard to not want to give back to it as much as I can. I owe it my life.

Hip-Hop for many years has mostly been a male dominated industry, being a young, educated and talented lady how do you deal with the egos and bravado of the men in the industry?
I definitely come across my share of times where it’s more prominent and can be difficult to deal with, but overall, I would say that I always just try to keep the mindset of letting my work speak for itself. There can be moments a person may be trying to overpower, undermine, or belittle me, and it can be frustrating, but keeping my focus on my work and vision can help tune that out.

While you were at St. John’s University you started working at Global Grind. How did you come across that opportunity? And did you enjoy your experience there?

I actually just heard from a friend that they were hiring interns, since one of her friends had started working with them. I always had such a soft spot for that site after seeing it being built up in the couple of years prior, and being such a fan of Russell’s impact on the culture, it really felt like a destined connection. It turned out to be that way when they accepted me as an intern, and I fell in love with the work, and the company. I’ll always have a big place in my heart for Global Grind, since it shaped so much of my confidence in the industry.

You also had a show programming internship at Sirius radio. How did that experience help you grow and what was the biggest thing you learned while dealing with satellite radio?
That experience was interesting because it was completely different from any of my journalism work with GlobalGrind. I was switching over into the technical world of radio, and a pop station, Hits1, at that. I was taken a bit out of hip hop culture and thrown into a world of listening to top 40 songs all day, while learning how to run an entire station. It was refreshing for a minute, and some of the most demanding work I’ve ever done. They’ve definitely shaped a lot of my work ethic, since everyone I worked with there is always on their grind.

For those who don’t know you are an assistant editor to one of the industry’s biggest influencer – Karen Civil. How did you land at her doorstep and how has this experience changed your outlook on the future of the industry having more women making big moves within it?
Honestly, someone very close to me texted me that her site was looking for writers, and told me to go after it. I sent in my writing samples and resumé, and within a month, the managing editor got back to me and eventually brought me on the team. I eventually had the pleasure of working more closely with Karen for the Civil TV documentaries, as well as her Live Civil brunch this year. That woman is so determined and driven, and I love how she can think outside of the box for her brand. I’m also so blessed to have been exposed to a lot of the politics, opportunities, and personalities since I started working for her site. Our team is amazing with some of the best writers/editors I’ve ever come across, and they work so incredibly hard day in and day out. It’s so dope to have a female boss who is young, aware, and always on her grind with a great team behind her.

As we can see you have learned a lot from working with Karen. What are the 2 most important things you have learned from working alongside her?
I would say one for sure is to always go after what you want, no matter what it takes. Karen is always on top of her projects and increasing her brand, which is why she has become so successful, and so quickly too. Another thing I’ve learned is to build as many connections as possible, because this industry is so small. You never know who or what may have an important impact on you and the culture.

You are definitely the “Jack-ie” of all trades.  You even manage to stay on top of your work at hiphopmyway.com. With wearing so many hats, how do you manage to balance all these jobs while continuing to make big moves and find time to hopefully sleep or even just find time to have Lindsey time?
If I knew how I balanced all of this I would honestly write a book. I have no idea how I’m able to do these things. I would say that I’ve definitely sacrificed a lot of my own personal time in order to cater to all of the things and people I care about. Sleep is definitely a tough accomplishment now as well, but I’m working on it. It’s honestly hard to even be upset about these sacrifices, though, as I never would have even fathomed I could be contributing to this beautiful culture 10 years ago.

2015 is coming to an end, what are some of your goals going into 2016?
I still have to make my list out, so they’re not set in stone yet, but I would say that I definitely want to start something I can call my own. I’m not sure what that means, but I would love to start a platform more personal for me, and something positive. I definitely want to travel more, meet more people, and take more time to listen to people’s music in my email with responses. I hate that I don’t always get back to those who make sure to get me their stuff, as I’m nobody to be turning anyone away for feedback. Everyone deserves an ear, and I’m really flattered people care about my ears and opinions when it comes to their hard work.

Tell us one thing about you that no one would believe you know how to do, have done or want to do?
I don’t have too many hidden talents or cool skills, but people probably don’t know that I used to want to be a DJ. I even went to Scratch Academy in Downtown Manhattan for a whole year. I respect the hell out of what those guys (and girls!) do. It’s not easy at all. I couldn’t even begin to understand Serato, despite it being easier. I only know how to mess with two turntables, a mixer, and two vinyls. I feel like I belong in the 80’s. I had to quit, though. I knew it wasn’t for me when I had to switch up my whole technique of how I listened to music.

Last but not least, without thinking too much, give me your Top Five Emcees?
1. Nas
2. Biggie
3. LL Cool J
4. Tupac
5. Andre 3000
Can I also please give honorable mention to DMX? That man is unstoppable.

I want to thank you Lindsey for taking time out of your busy schedule to do this interview with me. You already know you’re an inspiration to me and hopefully many others. Keep up the great work! Let the people know how they can get ahold of you or where they can follow you on social media?
Thanks so much for this! You’re amazing, and I’m so proud of you. My Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat are all @lindseyindia. Feel free to reach out for any reason (seriously) to my email lindseyindiamusic@gmail.com.

determined to see my name in the credits and take home an award. Dassit.