This is America

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Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino debuted  “This Is America” video last night on Saturday Night Live which marks the first new music Gambino has dropped since the release of his Grammy-nominated album “Awaken, My Love!” late 2016. The video has sparked a lot of conversation amongst the nation. It’s a stinging satire on American politics and culture. It is also brilliant, it’s original, and it’s a depiction of realism. Gambino ties all this together and gives us a much needed wake up call especially after that stunt Kayne recently pulled.

The video starts off with Gambino dancing to a   Rymatic tribal beat and a glance of a innocent black man playing the guitar. The vibe quickly switches. We see Gambino pulling out a hand gun and shooting the man in the back of the head, then he places the gun on a red cloth that’s taken away with care. This is how the entire video unravels. Back and forth from rejoiceful and gruesome. The same concepts takes place when Gambino encounters a church choir then is given an assault rifle to assassinate the entire choir. Once again the weapon is placed on a red cloth and taken away. This suggest that America loves guns. They are important even more important than human life.

Throughout the video a group of school-age kids dance with Gambino. They seem to be doing the most popular dances. They incorporate a lot of Africa cultural dance moves. This shows how much America is influenced by African culture although African Americans are the most oppressed group Of people. The kids come off as oblivious to what’s going on around them. Which is complete chaos. There’s a burning car, there’s a man on a horse, there’s police violence. It’s a lot going on. But the other kids are filming everything on their cell phones of course. He mentions “this is my celly, this is my tool”. The cell phone is the most popular tool used today. It’s used to revel truth, it’s used to hide truth as well. Many police mistake cell phones as guns. Many people recorded police violence with their cell phones. Social media is a platform used through cell phones. I’m writing this article with my cell phone. This is my tool. 

“Look what I’m whippin up” Gambino touch’s on substance abuse. He even sparks a joint toward the end of the video. To ease his mind I guess after all that killing. After that you see him dancing on an old car in this huge warehouse and what seems to be a SZA chilling on a car. Could this mean a new collaboration on the way?

The video ends with Gambino running for his life “You just a Black man in this world
You just a barcode, ayy” could this be a comeback for music? Could music really be conscious again? I think yes! This is what we need. To address real life issues through music, through videos, through art. Not to mention it’s a BANGER!  There’s so many subliminal messages within this piece of art. You have to see it for yourself. Watch it a couple times, comment. What is your take away?