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Fashion Rewind: New Generation Recycles from Previous Eras

Decades past have birthed some memorable fashion trends: the 1970s gave us bellbottom jeans, floral print and Afros; the eighties left us with neon, big hair and acid-washed jeans; and the nineties made it okay for girls to wear baggy outfits and be all about sneakers.

These trends have cycled back with the current generation—retro Jordans, high waisted jeans, track jackets and sports team jerseys are some of the most common clothing items being posted to Instagram.

Thrifting, or buying used clothing from the thrift store, has become trendy in the past few years thanks to the vintage wave. This pastime is cheap, and thrifters are consistent in finding exclusive items they won’t see on anyone else, as opposed to what they purchase at more expensive chain stores, such as Urban Outfitters and Forever 21.

Some of the best rare finds can be discovered at your local Salvation Army or Goodwill, and some of us have even found it fruitful to go shopping in the ‘Rent’s closet. It’s a good chance you’ll find a vintage eighties blazer or nineties Bulls jersey in either of these places. Thrifting is a surefire way to develop your own unique style, and begin a collection of rare pieces from back in time that you won’t find at the mall or a retailer, or on your homegirl.

Runway and high-fashion designers are starting to pay homage to nostalgic trends in their work. In 2012, popular designer Jeremy Scott teamed with ADIDAS to launch the Flower Power teddy bears, released in 2012, which evoked the seventies hippie movement and allowed us to be flower children four decades later.  The presence of seventies retro trends—headbands; oversized, rounded shades; bellbottom pants—has earned its own style category, Boho Chic.

Some of your favorite artists can even be observed re-popularizing some of the vintage hip hop trends most thought were deaded. Rapper A$AP Ferg of A$AP MOB is most known for rocking a pair of Nike AF1’s, jerseys, durags and gold grills.

Gold teeth are sparkling in the mouths of many once again, and this time they’re not just for OG’s, pimps, Paul Wall and Cash Money. Rihanna displays her gold grills on occasion, even rocking one shaped like an AK-47, and Queen Bey solidified the mainstream popularity of mouthpieces when she did a shoot donning her own glitzy grill.

Whether you’re a Boho Chic flower child, neon-wearing eighties baby, or doing it for the ‘99 and the 2000 with straight cash in your mouth, your favorite fashion trend was most likely introduced in a previous decade. Even hairstyles like bowl cuts, rattails, finger waves, box braids and high top fades are creeping back. The new generation is always inspired by vintage trends, and that is displayed in our music, culture and style. It’s a cypher. A lot of HYPEBEASTS might not like it, but the past has made it to the future.


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