#MixxMusic Still Woozy: Waves of the Future

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Still Woozy is the solo project of musician Sven Gamsky. In a very fresh take, Sven has combined airy, dream-like vocals with acoustic and electronic elements to create a kind of wavy, laid-back energy you just cannot help but nod your head to. Although relatively new on the scene and only having released 10 tracks under the Still Woozy moniker, Sven has managed to rack up the streams with numbers totaling more than a hundred million. 

Using mainly guitar, bass, piano, drum pads and a healthy mix of synth elements, Sven writes, records, mixes and produces everything himself in his garage in Oakland, California and only has one feature from another artist in his whole discography up to this point. Upbeat drums contrast with the acoustic guitar and funky bass as the piano and synth elements draw you into a truly ethereal relm of relaxed yet poignant artistry. He even earned himself a spot on Spotify’s Fresh Finds playlist which has more than half a million followers. This has allowed him to get more of the exposure that he deserves and take his following from a few thousand to a few million monthly listeners in just over 2 years. Gamsky has clearly found his spot in this industry with such a unique yet accessible sound. Part of a new class of completely DIY artists focused on hot singles and short, lean EP projects, he is unafraid to put his entire brain on display to give you an all-encompassing listening experience. 

While Sven only started working on Still Woozy in 2017, he has been in music for more than a decade having been involved in other projects including the math-rock band Feed Me Jack where he put his talent with vocals and guitar to work. You can see the influence of this math-rock in Still Woozy through the extensive incorporation of syncopation in the drums and percussion along with other time and rhythm variations. This helps add yet another level of depth and interest to the exciting new sound he has been able to create for himself. 

A bright new talent in this industry, Sven Gamsky has nowhere to go but forward and on to the big things waiting for him. Get a taste for Still Woozy yourself and go listen to his new Lately EP on Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud or your preferred major streaming service today!