Sleep Well and Have a Goodnight.

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Man, I can’t even believe I’m doing this. I’m going to be completely honest and tell you I’m writing this from a selfish point of view. I’ve read tons of cliche post over the last few days. “Life is short, give people roses while they’re here”. Well, I know for sure we gave Nes Wordz his roses while he was here. He was the nicest emcee and most consistent with the music. His show game was 2nd to none and his infectious energy was always felt. As an artist, he was creative and fearless. He didn’t chase cool or being popular but, he had that personality that made him that. He didn’t wear a mask when it came to his music. I can admit that he was more arrogant on the mic because he knew he was better than most people, but off the mic, he was just the most real most genuine person you could meet. He had this way of making people feel important even if you met him one time. He had a smile that would light up the room. He was always in tune with what was going on around him. I’ve heard stories from countless people on how he changed people lives with conversations, asking them about their passion and telling them to pursue it.

Loyalty and honor are rare amongst us young black males, but Nes was that. He always for the people and never turned his back. Even if two of his close friends didn’t get along, he never picked sides. He always kept it 100 with the people and never fronted. He loved his family and was never afraid to show it. He was the definition of real.

June 26th, 2017 around 5 pm, I was leaving the hospital room he was in. All I could think about was damn, My Dawg going to have a lot of rehab on his leg, but he can use this time to write another classic project and be better than before. I kissed him on the forehead and told him I loved him as I always do when we see each other. I didn’t feel death at all. I wasn’t worried and I took that last moment for granted. I feel like the world was robbed of its energy before it was completely charged up. I feel like he had so much more to offer, so much more to give to us fans. I know they said GOD doesn’t make mistakes and I believe that but damn. In my selfish mind, it wasn’t his time to go.

At Avalon, we celebrated your life. I was happy your family and kids got a chance to see how much the city loved you and rocked out to your music. Your energy was in the building and everybody felt it. I played the back and just watched as your kids performed your songs and people smiled, laughed and cried. You brought out emotions that people normally hide, but that was you. That was your greatness. I want to thank you for your music, but more importantly, thank you for your friendship and brotherhood. I will miss the phone calls, the talks, the laughs and you complaining to me about me complaining to you about complaining about social media. As I listen to my favorite song from you. You made a statement at the end of the song, and you were right my friend. They going to love you.

Sleep well and have a good night. As always, I love you.

Please say hello to King 7even, Ozzy  and Te’mo for me. Peace x Power Sheron.