“Did You Forget It’s Valentine’s Day?!”

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3 Simple and Budget Friendly Valentines Gifts!

Valentines Day is around the corner!   Birds are singing, flowers are blooming and Cupid has shot you in the heart with the “I’m in Love Arrow”.

(Enter record stop noise here)  Oh shoot you completely forgot it’s Valentines Day in a week and you are in a tizzy!  Have no fear the list of great gifts is here!


Write Her a Letter From the Heart: 

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As clique’ as it sounds to many women prefer something more throughout and heart felt rather than just the average chocolate and flower routine.  It also shows you are being honest and trying to deepen your connection to her and that makes any woman feel like a VIP diva!

Book a Day at the Spa at Home! 

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No need to spend extra crazy money on a Spa(that is unless you really do feel like going all out).  You can find essential oils like lavender, and such at your local Walmart or Target, as well as massage oil, candles, and some relaxing music.  Head over to your local Walmart or Target to find these goodies and more!  Hint: If you really want to set the mood, for some bedroom boom, have a plate of dark chocolate or another aphrodisiac and feed it to each other.  Also don’t forget to take turns ladies!  Guys need to be pampered too!

 Make Her/His Favorite Meal at Home: 

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Ladies, as our mothers always said “the way to a guy’s heart is through his stomach(this also applies to females to).  Cooking each other your favorite meals is both a great bonding experience and a wonderful way to show you truly care and know your partner. Hint: Want to really spice up the kitchen?  Cook him his meal in just an apron!   Check Please!

Simple is Guy Approved:

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 The wonderful thing about men is that they love the simple things in life.  Therefore take note of what your partner loves, fill a gift bag with his favorite cologne or deodorant, his favorite snack, and perhaps a movie.  Men appreciate the simple, little things(we ladies love that!)

Go Fifty Shades Darker On Her: 

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No no no not JUST in the bedroom.  Take her to see Fifty Shades Darker when it comes out this Valentines Day.  Just make sure it’s something she wants to see.  Also FYI, when ladies see movies like this we want to try new things behind closed doors!


While these are only five ideas, there are so many more simple, budget friendly things to do!  So get those tea lights lit, the chocolate cake baked, and be ready for an amazing Valentines Day, all while saving yourself some cash!

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