S.G. Smitty Makes Solo Return With ‘Pray For Me EP’

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Although Louisville, Kentucky artist S.G. Smitty hasn’t release any solo music since 2010’s Smoke Session Vol. 3, he insists that he has not missed a step, and is excited to let music listeners in on new tunes that he has been working up at Kentucky staple, Bourbon Barrel Studio, with gold and platinum-selling producer Young Sears.

After the successful release of three mixtapes, Smoke Session Vol.’s 1, 2, & 3, S.G. began focusing on group efforts with fellow 2Deep member Big Tez. S.G. Smitty returns with a Kogan Dumb made trailer for his upcoming EP “Pray For Me.”

Check out the “Pray For Me EP” song trailer in the video above or at this link!
Pray for Me EP Trailer

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