(re)Introducing the thoughts in my head…

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The urge to write can be a mysterious calling. There are so many different ways to understand not only the why of writing, but what one gets out of it. To learn. To explore the world. To keep from going insane. These are just a few reasons people have given for why they write.


Writing has been fundamental to human civilization since the first hieroglyphs, and it becomes more important everyday in our world that streams with emails, text messages, tweets, and blog posts. We are all writers, yet the why of writing is a topic of continual exploration.

I write because I have lived. Because there are always stories to tell. Because my peers can relate. I write simply because I have a way with words. Join me as this blog will bring my thoughts to life.  A beautiful mind is something you can’t buy…

Founder and CEO of The Mixx Magazine