#MoreThanGraphics: Octane Launches New Website

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It’s been a long time coming…. but finally the wait is over.

Check out the latest from established graphic designer Danielle Meadows-Stinnett with her #MoreThanGraphics company Octane Design Studios.

Established in 2009 Stinnett started Octane as a freelance artist with nothing more than a dream and a idea.

Octane has provided art direction for several annual events including, the 2017 Unity Breakfast, The Wild Hearts Fun Run Superhero 5K and the previous 5 years of Roots & Heritage Festivals. This year Octane will take on The Night Market presented by the North Limestone Community & Development Corporation.

“I have this uncanny ability to create something from absolutely nothing.” says Stinnett. A third generation entrepreneur and five year Art Director for The Mixx Magazine, Stinnett says she’s seen trends come and go and that’s given her an advantage to project and advise businesses seeking to brand ahead in their industry.

And her new website doesn’t hold back.

“The website really is a showcase of my life moreso then my products.”

The new website features not only Octane’s services but also her partners.  It states clearly on the Services page “my people, are now your people”.

Partners include long-time established Public Relations guru Samantha Johnson of SamanhattanPR, local baker Sara Kopach of Custom Cakes & Bites by Sara and eclectic photographer Michelle Franzetti of Franzetti Photography.

The ‘Blog’ section of the website is a unique blend of everyday life and projects that’s compiled by the team. Categories range from events and marketing to community and parenting.

“We are more than just products and services… we’re women, we’re moms, we’re dream chasers.”

For full range of services visit www.lexoctane.com or email Octane Design Studios at info@lexoctane.com.


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