Now you know: Getting the scoop on Miss lissa Knows

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lissa knows

What’s good people? It’s your boy Trav Dave and I’m back to bring y’all some new interviews. This one is a special on. I’ve actually seen this young lady doing her thing for awhile now. Whether it’s been on the red carpet doing events/interviews, or being a personality stunting on TMZ. If anybody knows the scoop Miss Lissa knows. She’s a professional go-getter that’s always making things happen.
Q: What made you want to become a TV personality? Any personal inspirations?
A: Growing up my mom would allow me to watch talk shows with her. I can vividly remember watching Richard Bay and describing what my talk show would be like.
Q: Let’s take it back for a second… I saw an audition you did for 106 and Park back in the day. Give me the first three words that come to mind to describe that experience.

A: “A disappointing lesson”. I was so sure that I had the best audition tape and BET would be banging down my door. When I didn’t even get a call-back for the position, I was livid! Even going as far as hating on the people they did choose. In hindsight, I now realize God had a different path for me and I did have more to learn. I’m glad that gig wasn’t for me. Without that experience, I wouldn’t be the woman I am now.

Q: You worked the “Miss Lissa Knows Show” at PNC Radio. Tell us about one of your best moments there.

A: I think the best thing about PNC was “PNC”! It’s where I began to build momentum at an on-air personality. I guess I’d have to say my most memorable experience is when an interview I did got picked up by mainstream blogs. I recall people calling me off the hook. It put me on a new level. I will forever have a place in my heart for that station. It was a platform for so many people who are doing great things. I made so many Imperative connections while at PNC Radio.

Q: How did you and Premium Pete link up to do the podcast show?

A: It all started at PNC Radio. I met Pete through A-King. He’s a good friend of mine and would always invite me to observe the Combat Jack Show. When the show transitioned to a podcast, I was still amongst the team. I even did a few “After Combat” post-show interviews. Pete & I and were aquatinted through me just being around. When there began to talk about him getting a show of his own, names were being thrown around. Pete says he immediately thought of me, and here I am in position.
Q: If you had a choice between being a Radio personality or TV personality, what would it be and why?

A: While I thoroughly enjoy both, my goal has always been to be on screens. Whether it be TV and/or motion pictures. Audio is cool but I’m so animated and make these crazy faces. I thrive in front of cameras.
Q: What do you think has been the biggest sacrifice you have had to make for this industry?

A: Time away from my kid has to be the biggest sacrifice I make. We want to give our children better than what we had, at all costs but we can’t get time back. I’m forever trying to balance both my career and parenting. I never want my daughter to feel neglected. Now that she’s older she understands better and I’ve been including her in more of my projects. That way I don’t have to leave her, as much.

Q: As a black woman in today’s society do you feel that you are leaving a mark that will be influential amongst young ladies hoping to break into the industry?

A: Great question! I most definitely feel like I am. This industry is hard for anyone to break into. Especially black women. We have to be 5x better than our counterparts to even get an audition, let alone the position. I pride myself in not falling victim to stigmas & stereotypes. I’ve been propositioned by powerful men in this industry and never caved in. Because I want to show other females that we don’t have to use our sexuality to elevate. I also make it my business to support other women in this field. You can’t preach women’s empowerment if you don’t actually live it.
Q: Last question, If you could have an interview with anybody that has passed. Who would it be and why?

A: My choice would have to be Malcolm X. He was preaching about things that are still effecting us now. I would love to hear his insight on the “Black Lives Matter” movement and the state of the world, right now. How would he feel about us as a culture? What would his plan of action be?
I would like to thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to do this interview. Personally, I don’t know how you deal with Pete and his crazy self all the time. Please tell the people how they can contact.

A: The pleasure is ALL mine. Thank you for your interest. My name is “MissLissaKnows” on all social media platforms. I just relaunched my website so I love the people to visit that! Also, keep supporting the Premium Pete Show featuring yours truly.

Blessings to anyone reading this