New #Dabeeside Podcast: Damn!

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Here are the lists of thing we talked about on this show.

Kdot the greatest rapper alive right now?
Joey badass quick album review: Do we care or is he for the young boys?
Troy ave: Nupac- Is he wrong for explaining his side of the story…is he done?
Tee Grizzly quick album review: Surprised or pass?
More life & rather me that you revisited: Are we still listening and why?
Drake streams as good as the music nowadays?
Cthagod said Lil yachty the leader of the wack rappers. Is it a generational thing?
Joe Budden new show. Do we need more hip hop artist speaking about other hip hop artist and critic them?
NBA Playoffs!
Fuckery portion: A.Hernanadez situation, Melo, CthaGod book. Steve Stephens,
Dez true holly-hood stories.

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