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Split Movie Review(Spoilers)

First, before you read this article please bear in mind this movie is not for the easily scared, or faint of heart.  If you do not like horror, or psychological movies then Split is not the movie for you.

Split is directed by M/.Night Shaymalan, and it is newly discovered, that it is meant to be a sequel to Shaymalan’s movie Unbreakable.

The movie takes place in present time, and the opening scene is two girls hanging out at a party where their father tells them how proud he is that they invited the school outcast, Casey to the occasion.

Next we see them leave and enter a car where Casey is applying her seat beat and she looks over her should to see that the food the father brought to the car to take home is now scattered all over the ground and the father is no where to be seen because he is passed out behind the car.

Enter Kevin, who takes over the car, sprays the two girls in the back of the car, with some kind of air spray chloroform as well as Casey and takes off with them to his lair.

The girls are subjected to the  many different personalities that reside in Kevin’s body.

We see Kevin/Barry go to many different therapy sessions and one day his counselor, Dr.Fletcher suspects that his personalities may be taking a turn for the worst.

She decides to go visit Kevin at his home to see how he and his personalities are doing, we see Kevin’s body change and contort into the beast, a gruesome muscular monster that thinks people who don’t have any emotional damage are the impurities living in this world , and don’t need to exist.  He murders his therapist, and the two of the three girls, leaving Casey to defend for herself.

He notices on her stomach that she has emotional scars and we see throughout the movie the abuse her Uncle inflicted on her.  When he realizes that she has been abused he chooses to let her live stating that “the impure are the more evolved”.

At the end they find Casey under the rehabilitation for wild cat’s lair and help her out.

Fast forward twenty years where the local diner has a T.V on and the staff and customers are talking about the gruesome deaths that occurred at Kevin’s home.


Over all the movie Split for sure a psychologically thrilling ride that will leave audiences everywhere, smiling, laughing and some even crying.  You can catch Split at your local theaters. Be sure to check out the Fandango app for times and prices.

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