#MixxViews: Homosexual Claims Deliverance At COGIC 107th Holy Convocation

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2058_1415720152So by now I’m sure you have come across the newly viral sensation of a man claiming he was delivered from homosexuality at the Church of God in Christ in St. Louis during their 107th Holy Convocation convention. He declared the following:

“I’m not gay no more. I am deliverdt [sic]! I don’t like mens no more! I said I like women…women, women, women, women, women! *speaks in tongues* I say women! I’m not gay! I will not date a man! I will not carry a purse! I will not put on make-up! I will! I will…love…a women.”

Observing that the congregation wasn’t all that impressed by his testimony, the pastor told them,

“Now, either you’re gonna believe this stuff, or you oughta stop preaching it…We don’t just preach condemnation, we preach reconciliation.”

On cue, the COGIC saints began to shout and dance in an all out praise break. The pastor, Bishop Brandon B. Porter,  then tells the man to run up and down the aisle—in the direction of the camera— toward his new life. And of course, he does it. Later in the video you can see the pastor giving the man $100 which the Bishop was called to do per God’s request.

The COGIC PR released this statement yesterday:

A video, which is now viral, of a young man stating his deliverance from a particular lifestyle does not, in any capacity, speak to all of the remarkable things that transpired during this great church convention.  

We believe that we should reflect the love and compassion of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in all that we do.  We do not in any way compromise our biblical position against same sex unions or in favor of biblical teaching on matters of sexual conduct.  At the same time we expect that our clergy and laity will be civil andconsiderate as they speak to men and women regarding issues related to our Christian faith.  We love all people, regardless of their faith or moral standards.  When we fail to express ourselves with love and humility we contradict our witness to the world.

Furthermore, the Church of God in Christ wholly condemns acts of violence against and the subjugation of any person to verbal or physical harassment on the basis of their sexual stance. Such actions violate entirely the Christian’s obligation to love our neighbor as we love ourselves.

The Church of God in Christ will have no further comment on this matter.

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Now when it comes to religion, I tend to keep my opinions to myself unless it’s asked of me. But let just keep it all the way real, every black church members knows that once the pastor “lays hands on you,” some sort of miracle is supposed to happen regardless of how ridiculous it sounds. Deep down we know good and well when we see churches pull publicity stunts such as this one, we question who they THINK they are, what they’re saying and/ or how they’re acting. And after viewing this video for the 26th time, I’m not sold with this mans deliverance to say the least.

At first glance, it’s amusing. I can see why people chuckle at several things whether it be this mustard bow tie this man is wearing, his paisley print blazer, his high pitch voice, or his noticeable inability to articulate proper grammar. Yet beyond the exterior, I don’t see anything funny about this situation. Actually it’s quite sad.  This supernatural deed seems poorly portrayed. From the command to run, the scolding from the Bishop when there isn’t an instant praise break, to the giving of money, all the way down to the group line dancing, it all looks chaotic and theatrical.  It looks as if he’s a paid actor to come and put on a show or what some are calling”a circus act” to use as propaganda to condemn homosexuals or possibly promote the convention. Whether that is the case or not, the video gives off the impression that this miracle was rehearsed and tumultuous.

For those who are believers, you may have been told that God is one of order and is not fond of discord and chaos. For reference: 1 Corinthians 14:33 states “For God is not a God of disorder but of peace, as in all the meetings of God’s holy people.” If that is the truth then how can God’s power, his deliverance, his miracle be performed in this video? There must have been some confusion on whether to believe in the hype if the preacher has to mandate the saints to rejoice. And from what I’ve always been taught, God is not one to move without your submission. He will not persuade you of any emotion, good or bad, any change, big or small, without your will. So why the need for direction?

I will say that if this man felt compelled to come forward under his own volition , repent and turn from what he feels is a sinful lifestyle that’s outside of the will of God then so be it. I wish him all the best in his road to redemption and righteousness. However, if this man doesn’t change through his own free will, and his inclination to come forward was due through the pressures of the COGIC ministry or any other Christian denomination that finds it just to persecute homosexuals into submission of what they feel is unrighteous, than this performance would have been just that: a performance. And that could sadly tailspin him into a deeper obis of feelings of failure and add an all new level of shame that will not only take precedence over his spirit but simultaneously open the window for God’s authority to be criticized making a mockery of himself, his declaration, and Christianity as a whole .

I’m not debating God’s ability to deliver. Having faith that he’s able to do it is half the battle anyway. I’m more so questioning the motive behind this man’s abrupt “deliverance” and the image it portrays, not only to other believers of Christ, but to nonbelievers and homosexuals. Is this really the depiction of deliverance we’re backing? Is that really an accurate illustration of God’s healing power? Do you seriously think this man is the correct representation of what it means to be “free from sin.” If you say so, God bless you but I beg to differ.

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