#MixxSports: Super Warriors

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 Monstars!? Super Teams?! Years ago the idea of having a super team was a wild fans dream, but now that dream has come to fruition. With NBA teams in this past century constructed like a 2k create your own team. Super teams today are viewed as a good thing when it’s your favorite team but viewed as dishonorable when it’s not. There is one super team that stands out more than any other so called super team to date and that is the golden state warriors.  

They boast five all stars in there prime with two of them being former league MVP’s, winning three of the last four NBA championships and show no sign of breaking there nucleus. Kevin Durant shifted that power when he joined back in 2016. Winning two back to back Championships since. But just when fans thought this super team couldn’t get anymore outrages. They recently added another power house to the roster, Demarcus Cousins, who is a power forward that can knock down threes and also handle the ball like a guard. 

The number one argument super stars use to not get blamed is the notion that they weren’t the first to do it. Durant joined the warriors and thought it was alright because Lebron James and Chris Bosh linked up with Dwayne wade on the Miami Heat.  

That trio thought it was ok because previously before them Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett linked up with Paul Peirce on the Boston Celtic, and so it’s sort of a pass the blame around ordeal that stars use so they don’t look as bad. Nonetheless we are in the super team era in the NBA, so let’s just sit back and see if this trend tarnishes our beloved NBA r not only time will tell.