#MixxReview: The Car Test: Vince Staples, by @TravDave

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Vince Staples




I can admit, I was sleeping on Vince Staples. The new wave of microwaveable music comes and goes so fast. A lot of the music is hot but doesn’t have replay value. So when my homeboy Govan started tweeting lyrics one day I asked him what he was listening to. “Summertime 06” was the answer so I decided to check it out and I’m glad I did. Producer extraordinary NO I.D. fingerprints all over this project. When he locks in with talented emcee’s you can expect quality work. No difference here. Two disc worth of songs seems like overkill in this 140 character era but Vince goes against the grain. A couple fillers on the 1st disc but the standout tracks like “lift me up” really resonate and sets the tone for his message. With lines like “fight between my conscience and the skin that’s on my body man, i want to fight the power but I need that new Ferrari man”.


vince staples album cover

Summertime ’06 (2015)

Another standout is “lemme Know” featuring Miss Groceries aka Jhene Aiko lend her vocals to this haunting, chanting track also featuring DJ Dahi. “Dopeman” is a predictable song featuring Joey Fatts. The best record on the 1st disc is “senorita” featuring the hottest rapper in the game Future. Shout out to Christian Rich on the production on this one. Getting into Disc two of “Summertime 06” the 1st song that stands out to me is “surf” with a new age street tales. The production builds up and you feel the intensity in the raps. Great energy on this track with a message. ‘Hang and Bang’ sounds like a record that should’ve had schoolboy Q on it. “Like it is” another cold production by NO I.D and DJ Dahi. Vince seems to be having a conversation with us on this one and speaking from the heart. Staples closes out the double disc with ’06. The albums just ends abruptly. Overall the production on this album is outstanding, the street tales seem authentic. The best thing I’ve heard out of LBC for a long time. Crip rap with new wave to it. I don’t know how Def Jam dropped the ball on this album but if you like gangster rap that paints a picture with dope production as a backdrop i suggest you listen to this album. This album passes the car test.


Review by: @TravDave


Catch the video for Señorita above.



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