MixxReview: Interview with @KentMoney, by @TravDave

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Interviewed by @TravDave
You’re from Norfolk, Virginia but grew up in Inland empire. What made your family move cross country?


Honestly my mom just wanted a change of scenery. When I was young the environment and some of the things going on she didn’t necessarily agree with so she wanted to find somewhere else that gave her a better piece of mind.  I was pretty much left with no choice being that young but I’ve always felt like everything was for a reason.


West Coast hip hop might be the most consistent in staying relevant. What is it about the West Coast sound that keeps it in the spotlight?


The authenticity and the passion behind the artists everyone wants to represent their area to the fullest and make someone proud the legacy of west coast rap music is amazing and you have the new wave just adding to it and a lot of people are now seeing following your dreams are possible in the music business without being extra thugged out or street everyone is just sharing their personal journey.


How did life change for you following the release of “We the Plug”?


Besides people noticing me at random places and doing promo runs getting love from power players in the game life was pretty normal lol. I went right into crowned after we finished that project constructing the foundation of it so it helped boost where I wanted to go creatively.


Road to Crowned

What was the goal with Crowned?


The goal with crowned was to let people know through music that you decide what moments in your life are monumental and shape you don’t let society sway you into thinking you need this and that to consider yourself successful you just need to believe and trust in your own journey and mistakes your taste will always change so you got to build upon character.


HS87 has a lot of talented people on the team. How do you stand out in a room full of creators?


A lot of talented artists on the roster for sure I think I stand out because I’m not contractually bound to anything and I just move a certain way and being that I’m not from California originally I have a whole different tone and sound to my music.


With the all this talk about Ghost writing, the common fan doesn’t understand the creative process that goes into making a good record. What is your process like when recording a song?


The process is different for everyone honestly you have some people who like to have other creative energies around and some that don’t it all depends on the artist I’m the type that gets inspired and can knock out 5 songs in a day just being in my bag I like to let the song write itself according to how the beat moves me then I

Move on to the hook if I can’t think of one someone might have a dope idea to build off of it’s all part of the creative process music is to be appreciated it’s a form of art I don’t see anything wrong with sharing creativity as long as credit is given for business reasons and the final product is outstanding. People stopped caring about the product because everyone feels like they can do it better until you’re in that position to have to do it better lol.


Is there any pressure when you’re working a Grammy award winning producer or artist?


None at all it’s all being creative I love what I do I live music all types so I’m never bothered by that at all nor do I feel any pressure you have to bypass the foolery in the middle and just appreciate the fact someone who’s recorded such high honors in music trusts your creativity.


Outside of Hit-boy, which producer would you love to do an album with and why?


I would say Haze Banga and Toomp both understand musical quality and fit the lane of what I want to accomplish musically the pockets I like to rap in plus the feeling to touch people’s lives so every time they hear it they get that fresh feeling all over again.


What’s next for Kent Money?


More content and music coming in stacking up a bunch of things to drop with the right plan I believe in taking my time and doing things right there is no rush in true creativity and revamping the whole Lions League brand in a new way.


I just want to thank you for taking the time out to do this interview. Please let the people know how they can contact you and any shout outs?

Also shout out to my man Young Safe. The international Connect.


King Kent Money

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determined to see my name in the credits and take home an award. Dassit.