MixxPics: BarrelFest KY 2019

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BarrelFest in the Distillery District of Lexington, Ky was the place to be Saturday night. At The Grand Reserve they had a wide range of alcohol to sample such as beer, cider, wine, bourbon, whiskey, vodka, gin, tequila and Rum. There was something for everyone with booths setup with some of the most well known distilleries in Kentucky along with some up incoming ones too.

To top it off they had a Master Mixer Bartending Competition going on in the middle of the event that all in attendance got to enjoy. The Bartenders who were all from local venues definitely all came to win. They put there skills to the test by creating the best mixed drink using only Western Son vodka as there alcohol of chose. All of the bartenders got really creative and the the competition was close with attendees tipping the bartender they likedthe most.

After everyone was either tipsy or beyond and the sampling was done, Radio 80 rocked the house the rest of the night at the Afterparty. Checkout all the exclusive photo from the night below.