MixxMusic: Top 50 Greatest Rappers of All Time Dead or Alive

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In the wake of this big debate over who are the top 50 greatest rappers of all time. We decided to spill our tea on who we feel are the top 50 greatest rappers of all time and no Joe Budden is not number 3 on our list!

When these first few list came out and went viral on the web. The biggest problem wasn’t so much of who is on the list and what order but more so by what criteria did they go by when ranking these rappers. Because this list could easily vary depending on how the people who made these list judged each rapper.

This List that started this whole debate!

So to make things more simple so there is no confusion on how we came up with our list. We created our own guidelines when creating this list.

Top 50 greatest Rappers of All Time Criteria Guidelines

  1. Cannot be a rap group
  2. If they are apart of a rap group they must have at least TWO complete solo albums
  3. Body of work (Quantity & Quality) Studio Albums & Mixtapes (this includes hit making ability & record sales)
  4. Rapping Ability – Lyricism/ Content/ Word play/ Punchlines/ Storytelling
  5. Iconicism/ Following
  6. Impact on the Rap Culture & Longevity
  7. Authentic Flow / Original style

Top 50 greatest Rappers of All Time Dead or Alive

1. 2pac26. Pusha T
2. Nas27. Gucci Mane
3. Biggie28. Lil Kim
4. Jayz29. Bun B
5. Eminem30. Jeezy
6. Lil Wayne31. Prodigy
7. Kendrick Lamar32. Mos Def
8. Snoop Dogg33. Raekwon
9. KRS One34. Fabulous
10. Kanye West35. Twista
11. DMX36. Big L
12. Drake37. Slik Rick
13. Ice Cube38. T.I.
14. Busta Rhymes39. Cam’Ron
15. GhostFace40. Future
16. J Cole41. Nikki Minaj
17. LL Cool J42. Raekwon
18. Rakim43. Common
19. ScarFace44. Plies
20. Redman45. E40
21. Kool G Rap46. Lil Boosie
22. Eazy-E47. Queen Latifa
23. Jadakiss48. 50 Cent
24. Big Pun49. Wiz Khalifa
25. MethodMan50. Nipsey Hussle

Let us know what you think of our list in the comments below!