#MixxMusic The Marías: Latin Dreams

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The Marías are a Los Angeles based indie band consisting of lead vocalist María Zaradoya (who prefers to go by just María) and her partner Josh Conway. Together with guitarist Jesse Pearlman, bassist Carter Lee, and keyboardist Edward Jones, they have created a unique brand of psychedelic soul with elements of jazz and dream pop woven in. They are also known for performing and recording songs in Spanish as well as English and sometimes a mix of both.

María was born in Puerto Rico and raised in Atlanta. She met Josh, himself an L.A. native, when he asked her if she wanted to record after running sound for a show she was billed on in L.A. The two went on to record a few tracks and began dating. After recruiting their friends Edward, Jesse, and Carter the Marías were formed, releasing their debut EP Superclean Vol. I in 2017 and following with Vol. II in 2018. Many of their songs have an almost ambient level of jazzy synth in the background that, with María’s smoky, silvery, vocals help to create a feeling of dreamlike relaxation their fans have come to love. Exploring themes of love, heartbreak, longing and existentialism María’s lyrics add a level of accessible depth that leaves you feeling like she is singing just for you while funky bass lines and uniquely tonal guitar keep you nodding your head.

Citing such amazing singers as Nina Simone, Norah Jones, and Erikah Badu as major influences, María has set a high bar for herself. But with just over 1.2 million monthly listeners and stream totals approaching 100 million the Marías have certainly found their place in this industry and I have no doubt that they will continue to rise and progress to a level of success on par with the amazing quality of their music. Check out Superclean Vol. I and II on Spotify, Apple Music, or your preferred major streaming service today!