#MixxMusic: Independent Artist Of the Week: YNL Capone

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Rapper YNL Capone is a Kentucky native out of the city of Lexington who has recently been making major waves in the music industry with his latest single Lay Back. Using a smooth mix of Rap and R&B, stratigically combining both to create the perfect sound with his original vocals.

YNL Capone has only been recording music for a year but he has rapidly grown a large following surrounding his music. He recently dropped his first offical project “The Let Go”  on May 13th 2018 with 12 original songs that is currently steaming on all major platforms. In his first official project YNL Capone shows his range by changing his flow up multiple time throughout the tape. Effortlessly switch his sounds from rap to a R&B flow.


    In this exclusive interview with The Mixx Magazine. YNL Capone goes more in depth about his new project the The Let Go and also drops an exclusive Freestyle!

Interviewer JStylez Follow him @DrizzyDreaded