#MixxMusic: Declaime – Holly

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Returning to light up Black Music Month’s terrain is Holly, a tragic tale of a female sex worker who is raped and killed in cold blood by a police detective in the inner city featuring the vocals of Georgia Anne Muldrow(who appears prominently throughout the whole record, even trading bars as well). Declaime’s empathy for the character and the mental abuse she undergoes at the will of her handler while alive through lines like:

“Her whole mind frame’s been changed
rearranged hypnotized
filled with lies
now she lays in the bed with all these strange guys
many different faces too many empty places in her heart
how did this happen why did this start
and will it ever end
questions she asks herself every night
black eyes and bruises like she’s been in a fight for her life
pimps and prostitutes stay around like poverty
some say it is what it is so we might as well let it be”

is a stark contrast to the studio gangster “we don’t love them hoes” archetypes that plague the the airwaves on a daily basis. But his vocal quality plus passionate delivery of what he relates is what both ranks him above and sets him apart from the pack. He raps like a man – not a guy, a boy or a smooth talker with hidden motives – in the the sensibility of those famed picket signs that demanded dignity by simply stating, “I AM A MAN.”

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