#MixxMovies: The Barden Bellas Are Back in Pitch Perfect 2

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The new trailer for the a cappella school-girl sequel dropped this morning and I must say it’s ACA-AWESOME!!! Familiar faces such as Beca (Anna Kendrick), Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson), Jesse (Skylar Astin) and the gang are all back and ready to dominate. There are a few additions to the Bellas, like actresses Hailee Steinfeld who will be playing Emily, the “little sister of the group.”

“I like sequels, I’ve made many of them myself, and I love when you get to spend more time with characters that you love,” Elizabeth Banks said of directing the all-star line-up.

The Barden Bellas are ready to make aca-history by winning a global a cappella competition and keep their sisterly bond intact, but it won’t be a small feat because, as director Elizabeth Banks’ judge character Gail states in the trailer, “No American team has ever won,” for reasons that the whole world “hates us.”

Fans can see the hilarious and charismatic cast in all it’s aca-glory in pieces such as a great group arrangement of “Cups,” the surprise hit from the first movie.

The vocal three-some, Kendrick, Wilson and  Astin also share the cover of Entertainment Weekly set to hit stands November 26th, and, lesbi-honest, that feather boa action and the sultry dresses and pin up hairdos inspired by Dream Girls are ACA-ALLURING. Actress Brittany Snow even tweeted a little secret about it, writing “Yes, Anna Kendrick’s leg is around me… And I like it.” Check out some of the ACA-AMAZING pics below.

“Pitch Perfect 2″ sings and dances its way into US theaters May 15, 2015.



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