#MixxMovies Halloween 2018 Trailer

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Blumhouse is bringing Micheal Myers back from the dead and bringing him home once again! In this sequel that is directed by David Gordon Green. He is starting from where the first ever Halloween Movie left off and disregarding all the other sequel.

With that said he is bring back an original cast member Jamie Lee Curtis’! She actually died in two other previous sequels, one being Halloween IV: The Return Of Michael Myers where she dies in a car wreck and then in Halloween: Resurrection where Michael finally kills her in the beginning of the movie. They are also bringing back Nick Castle who played Michael Myers in the original movie.

Halloween 2018 is set 40 years later from the 1978 Halloween movie. In this new sequel, Michael was arrested and locked up after Loomis shot him in the original, then 40 years later a true crime crew visits him in prison while making a documentary about his crimes. This is what leads to Michael escaping once again and heading straight for Laurie (Jamie Lee Curtis) who has been waiting decades for his return to finish him for good.

With a powerhouse production company like Blumhouse who has also produced movies like Get Out, Insidious and The Purge this next Halloween should not disappoint Halloween fans. Also having the main original cast members back makes it even more of a must see!