#MixxLive: Riff Raff Live @ The Mercury Ballroom – JodyHighRoller.com Tour

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Riff Raff A.K.A. Jody High Roller performed live at the Mercury Ballroom in Louisville, KY this week. Riff sold out the venue with opening performances by Elephant Room, DJ Kittie and Chanel West Coast. He and Chanel had the club going up … on a Thursday. The Neon Icon himself put on a very aquaberry show filled with ultraviolet lights that Versace would have been proud of. With his entire entourage equiped in Neon Nike’s, Riff performed for over an hour. It was an epic set filled with his best songs and features. He even brought out the Louisville Cardinal mascot to help him turn up and flex for Instagram !!!

Riff Raff Mercury Ballroom 2015_0205s-6

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