#MixxLifeStyle – Holy Sh!t @ActaBliss a Cannabinoid Based Syrup!

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Yesterday while browsing through various social media sources I saw Riff Raff promoting this..


Very intriguing I thought, but wtf is Actabliss?  After a quick google search & a follow up email I feel as if its my duty as a stoner, a supporter of medical marijuana and an American to share this amazing product.

Designed for medicinal use, ActaBliss is a CBD and secondary cannabinoid rich flavored syrup. Our API (active pharmaceutical ingredient) is pharmaceutical grade marijuana glycerin tincture made from dried cannabis flowers. Since it is made with different flower batches, the results vary from 4-15% THC and from 4-15% CBD. The other cannabinoids CBN (appetite and sedation) and CBC, CBG, etc. are also found in abundance in our tincture. Our tincture manufacturer, who works closely with our development team, also runs 2 GCMS machines,  so is subsequently able to test each batch for impurities, pesticides, and potency, therefore providing a consistent, quality product.

What patients are using ActaBliss for:
Pain (joint,muscle,headaches,etc.)
Fighting Cancer cells
Crohns disease discomfort/pain
Opiate withdrawals
Replacement therapy for Codeine-Methazine

ActaBliss Effects & Dosage:

Effects can range depending on a few essentials. Interactions with medications already taken, patient’s tolerance and metabolism, and quantity of ActaBliss consumed all can result in diverse effects. Some patients have said they take half of a two oz. dose and acquired serious effects.
Other patients likewise prefer to take a whole 2 oz. dose. In some cases, patients that have taken a whole 2 oz. dose report effects lasting 10 plus hours. Several people have reported feeling medicated the next morning after a full eight hours of sleep. 5% of patients have reported they prefer to ingest 1 1/2 to 2 ActaBliss 2 oz. doses. This small percentage of patients has also reported to be on at least one additional substance and/or have a particularly high tolerance. We will be formulating several different syrups as our company grows. It is important to us to reach as many patients as possible. We understand that all patients’ needs are different. Please stay tuned for a sugar free version, one designed to be higher in THC, a BHO version and a pure CBD version with no THC that we can ship.

ActaBliss is currently available at the following Prop 215 & SB420
compliant collectives and delivery service providers:

San Diego:
Build A Bowl Collective
Canna Culture Wellness
Chula Vista Meds
Crown Collective
Delivery Pharm
GG Collective
Grand Organics
Green Valley Collective
Green Wellness
High Tide Deliveries
Humble Greens
Kindeset Meds
Kush Kingdom
Modern Medicine Delivery
New Cannabis Republic
New Day Delivery
North Park Holistic Care
Park Blvd Holistic Collective
San Diego Patients Association
The Family Tree
The Golden Grasshopper
The Higher Cut
The Honey Flower Collective

Orange County:
Bristol Pharms
Santa Ana Patients Association
Long Beach:
Harbor Solution Center
Los Angeles/Inland Empire:
Apothecary Collective
Cannabliss Cooperative
Strain 30 Cap Collective
The People’s Choice
Palm Desert:
Super Fast OG
Bay Area:
The Green Door SF
Green Coach Delivery
Pure Cure Pharmacy
San Jose Patients Group

Please contact your local collective for pricing information. Most of our participating collectives are retailing one 2 oz. bottle for $45.

We DO NOT ship ActaBliss

We DO NOT sell ActaBliss online.

We DO NOT sell individual bottles.

Actabliss could quite possibly end the Promethazine addiction epidemic that has taken the lives rap stars like Big Moe, Dj Screw, and Pimp C. Marketed as a “Healthy Po’Up,” Actabliss provides a safe alternative to the Purple Drank. Everyone who has access should put down the lean and grab the “Healthy Po’Up.”  I cant wait till Kentucky expands their Medical Marijuana legislation to include products as innovative as this.  Thank you Actabliss, in advance for changing the game. You’re awesome.


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