#MixxFashion: Diamond Supply x Oneness

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Kentucky is pretty awesome right now and to celebrate The Oneness teamed up with Diamond Supply Co. to make this awesome collection. The set includes a Snapback, a few tees, and a nice coaches jacket !!! Diamond Supply is also dropping a pair of exlcusive “Kentucky Life” Jaspers in royal blue pig suede !!! Buy it now here or here !!! #KENTUCKYLIFEUntitled-1_e5df2ef7-5230-41d7-a24a-7a012b37cac5_1024x1024 conr_2_d6984b39-a2d6-40ea-9554-986b2b97df3d_1024x1024 donc_4_0cb6a758-6542-4136-be5a-4ed8ead88975_1024x1024 whie_610309a3-491d-4b8c-ad0d-fb037357bd23_1024x1024 white2_d6b9d8a3-4d9a-46c6-adfd-d07733771567_1024x1024oneness-ibn-jasper-diamond-supply-co-wildcats-05-620x458oneness-ibn-jasper-diamond-supply-co-wildcats-04-620x464oneness-ibn-jasper-diamond-supply-co-wildcats-03-620x466oneness-ibn-jasper-diamond-supply-co-wildcats-02-620x458oneness-ibn-jasper-diamond-supply-co-wildcats-01

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