#MixxEditorial: @FettyWap, @TheWeeknd, and the Summer of Sex and Drugs

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Those of you who keeping up with the latest singles (probably by following us here) may have noticed a trend with the tracks that have been dropping lately. This summer’s hit charts are dominated by a combo of hip-hop, R&B and EDM singles, all of which revel in various stages and degrees of excess. Between the Weeknd’s latest ode to narcotics (“Can’t Feel My Face”) and Chris Brown and Schoolboy Q’s new collaboration (“B*tches and Marijuana”), the direction of this year’s summer jams is clear.

“Trap Queen,” from previously unknown Paterson, N.J. rapper Fetty Wap, has already established itself as an indisputable crossover hit. The song quickly made its way to your local top 40 radio station despite being a celebration of drug dealing, drug dealers and the women who love them. And while this isn’t necessarily anything new, it’s always surprising to see it cross over to the legitimate mainstream. You say it’s no big deal now, but see how fun you think it is when your dad starts jokingly calling your mom his “trap queen” and you can’t possibly face-palm hard enough.

When you think about the combination of the Weeknd’s melancholy melodies with the depraved sex of “50 Shades of Grey,” the two truly are a perfect marriage in regards to the golden triangle of sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll. An Adam and Eve survey found that almost half of those polled enjoyed some combination of sex and drugs. And of those, 79 percent thought the combo helped to make the experience better. Spend time watching any of the Weeknd’s latest videos and it is definitely becoming one of those “life imitates art imitates life” kind of things when it comes to sex and drugs.

With the Weeknd, you almost have to wonder if people are actually noticing the content of most of his songs as they become ubiquitous. For example, think of the shoppers of your local Target singing “Earned It” and then putting “Loft Music” or the “The Hills” on their playlists. “The Hills” was even selected by USA Today as its “Song of the Week” this past June and is burning it’s way up the Billboard charts. The people at DJ Booth have already mentioned “Can’t Feel My Face” as a potential song of the summer competitor. They wrote, “It’s his play for the kind of song that gets played over Six Flags speakers in July and it sounds damn good.” The Weeknd’s unique brand of nihilistic overdose operatics has struck a chord with audiences but no one really saw the si
nger’s meteoric rise coming. That said, now you don’t have an excuse to be surprised when you see three tracks by Abel Tesfaye on Billboard’s chart of summer songs.

While we’re happy that there’s no shortage of dope (pun intended) songs to get turned up to this summer, we’re definitely curious as to how long the mainstream audience is going to deal with artists like Fetty and Tesfaye being mainstays on radio stations better known for Maroon 5 and Taylor Swift.

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