#MixxClusive – A Night of Fortune with @JheneAiko

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Rising star Jhene Aiko had a private concert/ Q&A session in the historic Wynwood area of Miami. Only accompanied by an acoustic guitar player, Jhene took control of the crowd soon as her voice hit the mic. Starting with something from the beginning of her catalog, “Space Jam”, then launching into songs from her latest release “Sail Out”. Setting the scene for each song, She performed Stay Ready, flawlessly rapping Kendrick Lamar’s verse, and attempted to end the night with “Comfort Inn Ending” until the crowd chanted for her to perform “The Worst”, with one person screaming “Sing The Worst for the REAL niggas!” to which she obliged. After these songs, there was a Question and Answer segment, but personally I was only there for the music. All in all it was a nice little show, though with the wait I wish there were more than just 4* songs performed. You can check out some footage below from our official instagram @TheMixxMagazine, and follow us while you’re at it!

"Space Jam" from @jheneaiko's private performance in Miami 6.19
"Comfort Inn Ending" @jheneaiko

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