#mememonday – Life Beyond The Likes…

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I had a conversation last week with one of my friends about how we, as in everybody, only post the “highlight reels” on social media. Mainly because society doesn’t care about our so-called bad days. If we were to be totally transparent and vulnerable with the world, would they care? Would they judge us? Would they use our vulnerability against us? And if we’re really being honest with ourselves, would you even care if it wasn’t you?

  Our generation now is fixated with capturing the best photo to post to Instagram to portray you are having fun and living a luxurious and leisure filled life. I mean people are obsessed with social media nowadays (me included at one point), scrolling through their feeds endlessly peering into another person’s seemingly happy life… But are they really happy? Are they really as blissfully uninhibited by the things that seem to be keeping us stressed at times? I mean I get it, no one wants to see a photo of me withering away at my corporate job. That doesn’t scream excitement in a photo but at what cost do we misrepresent our present happiness just to garner acceptance through social media?

Social media allows us to take on any persona in which we want. You can literally and figuratively reinvent yourself, portraying to the world whatever idea of self you may have but at the end of the day, at the end of the rush of likes once you have posted that photo you were so happy about, is there any real satisfaction? Or is Instagram just one more simple mood booster like a glass of wine… Where does it leave you once the initial high fades…? On the other side of the phone in which the picture was posted, what is really being felt?

I read a Forbes article last year about how millennials pick their vacation spots based on what place they can get the best photo content. Then they spend the money they don’t have to impress the masses with photos that people will only be in awe with for a maximum of 48hrs. The sad part is, they never even fully enjoyed the experience of their vacation. Experiences are great… I’ll be the first one out the door to go and do things or live life, but at the end of the day experiences just can help jade one from having to confront the bigger issues in life, or more pressing parts of life. And this is my point, these persona’s in which these social media celebrities or even just common friends you may have, are they created because they are hiding something else or actually genuine? With these incredible lives it seems these people seem to live, does anyone ever wonder to find out how they are actually doing? Are they actually happy? Are they feeling satisfied with where they are at? Are the depressed? Are they lost? Just because I post a photo of me on a yacht drinking Rose` doesn’t mean my life is any happier than the onlooker who may be sitting on the couch and viewing my photo. Who’s to say I wouldn’t rather switch roles and be sitting on my couch. And yes, anyone can argue well why would you ever want to do that? Or oh man your life must be so hard as you are just another privileged millennial…. But material things mean nothing of my true happiness. I could have all the wealth in the world, but if I don’t have happiness then what is it all for?

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