Love And Not Much Else

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Love has always been a noun to me. Some thing, some shit, some fucked up crap that makes you feel all stupid. As I grow older however, I find that love is much more than a noun.

Love is everything and love is nothing. Once we take the romance out of love and look at it for what it truly is; second hand bullshit that is nearly as toxic as the person that you are showcasing it too. When relegated to romance, love is nothing more than cancer causing sludge.

So, I offer to you another look at Love and what it may be once we divest it from attachment to others.

“Of all the nuances of human love, adoration and appreciation keep it intact while a stubborn identity of this same love selfishly manipulates and destroys it, often times unknowingly.” – Sherman H. Smith Jr. ca 2010

(1) Emotionally driven people rarely capitalize on opportunities. they let feelings cloud the minds judgment, causing them to act in emotional ways. often times this never solves the problem; it allows it to grow. awry feelings due to random and non-thoughtful emotion will cause chaos and irreparable damage.

(2) The spirit of growth naturally displaces the human attraction to negative and unworthy beings of energy by which a soul must banish all attraction to these negative energies, in order to illuminate. the pain of confronting ones demons will enable a strength and one shall be blessed with positive light. with this light, growth is possible. with growth, all can be achieved. the light of God is one without negative connotation, leading a soul to dictate the positivist in their being. one in the same, distinctively opposite. both needed for advancement physically, mentally, and spiritually.

(3) You know how you can get so close to something that you cannot step up onto it? take a step back and then step up.

(4) Knowledge is power, and it is the spark for life, that & love. secrets of the world are not secret or unattainable, but intrinsically hardwired into many. exposure, through an awareness bolstered by a conscious view of objectivity, enables these things to be ‘remembered’, applied, and utilized.

(5) Anger of a negative attitude, such as jealousy, will cause you to take action in inappropriate ways. without reaction to these emotions, you will not undergo stresses unbecoming of a God like creature. In reaction with anger or negative attitude, words can be spoken for, yet actions taken negatively will bring you to realize that you have deviated from the two rules that ultimately bring you closer to God; Loving God, and Loving your neighbor as yourself.

(6) How can one make others happy? Self love. make yourself happy. then, you may be able to wholeheartedly make others happy as well. creating happiness is the key to reaching inner peace.

(7) As human beings, God blessed us with the unique ability above anything else, to be able to harness energy, regardless of the anatomy of it, and use it as we please. negative energies emitted by others can be absorbed and harnessed by one to be used in a overwhelmingly positive capacity.

(8) Love is the light in this world of darkness. with it one is great. through it, everything is made greater. hope; the faith that love will prevail

(9) Love is a universal connection intended to correct, prevail, and preside over the ways of the world and society. to live is to have life. to love is to love life. however, the reaching of the depths of love is an anomaly that only God has the power over.

pretty much a god. or at least a super hero.