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When Kia asked me to head up this issue, I was honored. Anyone who knows Kia can attest to her great business acumen. She tasked me with leading the magazine she started six years ago toward the vein of lifestyle and past the limited market of music.

Considering the lane we wanted to move into, I thought an appropriate theme for this issue would be “juxtaposition,” or the instance of placing two or more things side-by-side to show how they are different. The MIXX magazine has always tried to cement a place in the in-between, producing content on the common and the alternative.

In this issue, you’ll find two features that couldn’t be more different: one college boy backpack rapper, one rebel skate rat who we’re not sure graduated from high school; hailing from opposite coasts and making completely different noise. Don’t miss our resident cinematographer’s column on an indie filmmaker everyone should be excited about, or our exclusive with masked social media comedian Desus. Perhaps my favorite feature this issue is a painter I came across located in Miami. Trinidadian immigrant Keel is an autodidactic painter whose art, thus far, is mostly pop culture images juxtaposed against a patterned background, created organically with random tools. I find the subject of his art intriguing when considering he calls himself a “pop culture fugitive”—a term he invented to describe his desire to stray from “the popular thing to do.”

I’ve learned so much putting together this issue. For instance: 80 percent of the content you’ve chosen might fall through, tragedy may strike putting things on hold right near the end, but you have to keep your content relevant. With that being said, we’re proud to announce that our brand new website will be launching with the release of this issue. Please visit us at www.themixxmagazine.com to see the exciting things we have coming up that, in the future, may involve some of you.

And now I present the Spring 2014 issue of The Mixx Magazine: Juxtaposition!


Joy Priest | @Dalai_Mama_
Managing Editor

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