#LeggingsInLexington- First Watch, the Daytime Cafe

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I’m Erin. I wear leggings EVERYDAY and I live in Lexington, KY. I created the hashtag #leggingsinlexington through my Instagram account, @gingerlipeffects.


I don’t make a habit of dining alone in public. But things change. I’m new to the Lexington area so I take any chance I get to try out new restaurants and community sites. On a day when I wasn’t scheduled to work my full-time job, I found myself looking for a change of scenery to work my side gig, Ginger Lip Effects (LipSense by SeneGence).

I happened to be in a neighborhood outside the norm, making a lipstick delivery, and drove by First Watch, the Daytime Café. I hadn’t eaten breakfast yet and I had been eying this place ever since we moved to Lexington in July, 2017. I decided I was worth some comfort food love, so, I did it. I walked in and asked for a table for one. It’s strangely liberating. I know I don’t make enough time for myself anymore, you know, the whole wife/mom bit. And after the meal I had at First Watch, I could be persuaded to make this a routine outing.

Growing up, after a satisfying meal around the table, my dad always said he needed a “gut wash”. Being that we lived in Texas, his tonic of choice was Dr. Pepper. Where are all my Texans at that can testify to the holy water that is Dr. Pepper?! Well, I saw that First Watch presented handcrafted beverages on their menu and I got my own “gut wash”, pre-meal. I asked the server which of the three options he’d recommend but instead of just expecting me to take his word for it, he offered me to try all three for myself. Yes, please!


The Kale Tonic was surprisingly light. I suspect it was mostly apple juice but the Kale added a vibrant green color, don’t you think?! I would describe the Acai Squeeze as tangy. It rounded out at the end but I wanted something a little more refreshing. I decided on the Morning Meditation. It is primarily orange juice so it fit in with my “comfort food” vibe. Beet juice, Turmeric and Ginger all have healthy skin benefits. I figured priming my system with a good “gut wash” would help to move the carb load along and act as a balancing agent. I would’ve eaten the carbs anyway. YOLO.



I’m an economical girl. I like to get the most bang for my buck. And as I prefaced above, I appreciate a good balancing act. Sweet/savory, fresh/fried. You get it. I also know a thing or two about Eggs Benedict, like how difficult it can be to perfectly poach an egg and whisk up a silky hollandaise sauce. First Watch earned my respect (insert peace sign).



I have a thing for avocado. I ate two whole avocados myself today, the day I’m writing this. All other menu choices that don’t include avocado pale in comparison. I don’t usually prefer leafy greens on my sandwiches but the freshness of the arugula complimented the creamy hollandaise sauce ever so beautifully. The tomato was ripe, the bacon was, well, bacon & the chewy ciabatta bread soaked up every last drop of the hollandaise & egg yolk to soften each bite.

I don’t know what it is about potatoes. I haven’t met one that I didn’t like. These pictured were no different. They were buttery and savory while offering a crispy outer texture to protect the velvety starch inside. If you think this description of potatoes is a little extra, you might be right. But that doesn’t mean it’s not true.



My meal was very affordable. I may just be preaching to the choir because it seems all of Lexington already knows how good this place is. But if you’re not from Lexington and find yourself in the Bluegrass state this summer, check it out! And if you’re here on business, feel free to bring your office set up. They provide outlets by each booth to make this your “instead of Starbucks” office.