Leap Into Spring

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Spring is in the Air!

With Winter ready to pack it’s bags for a season and Spring unpacking, now is the time to get that glowing, gorgeous, beach ready skin we all want!  Here are a few tips:

  1. Exfoliate or Cleanse in the AM-Did you know that while you sleep your body releases toxins through sweating?  This release of toxins can leave you feeling groggy and even can leave you feeling sick. So it’s best to exfoliate first thing in the am to remove these toxins!  Look for a activated charcoal face scrub such as Freeman Beauty Activated Charcoal Scrub!
  2. Claytime!-Twice a week it is a great idea to use a clay mask.  Clay masks can be seen as the healer’s of skin as they clean deep down and can removed trapped makeup, oils, and dirt.  Use these twice a week one at the beginning and one at the end, this will also help keep your skin soft between facial treatments and sooth skin as well. As an added bonus you can also get a stress relieving clay mask! Try Feeling Beautiful’s Dead Sea Mineral Mask!
  3. Rub it in!- Moisturizing your skin is just as important as the rest of your skin care routine, if you have sensitive skin look for one that does not contain fragrance.  While it is best to apply moisturizer everyday as most have SPF in them and can protect your skin from sun damage!  There are many forms of moisturizers as well so if you have specific needs you will be able to find one!  Try Elf Cosmetic’s Daily Moisturizer.
  4. Clean Up!-  Long night at the club?  Just got in that HIIT workout at the gym?  Cleansing your skin is another foundation to great skin!!!  First make sure you use a makeup remover and remove any left over makeup, then using a gentle cleanser apply to face and rinse!  If you have sensitive skin, look for a water based cleaner.  Try Elf Cosmetic’s Essential Daily Cleaner.

These simple tips with have your skin looking fly, and ready for vacation!  Cabo San Lucas anyone?

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