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What’s up people, It’s ya boy Trav Dave. This interview right here is with a beautiful young lady that my friend Candice Nicole (PR) got me hip to. After listening to her latest project I got a chance to chop it with the Atlantic Records recording artist to talk about her EP and what we can expect from this up and coming southern belle. One time for Kyndall.

You’re from Houston right? Many legendary artists originate from Houston. Who did you grow up listening to from your city.
Born & raised in the ‘H’! –In middle school All I listened to was SPM ( Carlos Coy ), and Zro is my hero, Kirko Bangz, Maxo Kream stays in my playlist.

You’re only 19, but you got your 1st start doing TV and Films. Can you tell us about that experience? How did you get discovered by Atlantic Records?
I started in musical theatre when I was around 7 or 8–and then at 15 my first TV series offer came at the same time Atlantic interns happened to be looking for me through an old acting audition tape they came across online.

My mom got the call asking to bring me in to meet Mike Caren (Atlantic Records, World Wide Pres. of A&R)  who had me sing live in his office. That meeting led to flying me to New York to sing for Craig Kallman and Julie Greenwald. The offer came the night we landed, from New York. I didn’t sign for like, 6 or 7 months, though. My family was so NOT on board and it took a whole lot of convincing.

I was reading that you had earlier EP that was going to come out, but you basically told them that project wasn’t you. What did you think was missing at the time?
The thing with the first EP was never that the records weren’t good–they just didn’t fit well together as a group, and a few  felt too mature for where I was. They were solid records, but I really didn’t want to start my career  by throwing out good-enough material that I didn’t love, or that I didn’t connect with,  just so I could say I had music out. I totally get that–as a  strategy for new, young artists– but I’m really  a perfectionist and I push myself and my team to record the best and build on it.

Let’s talk about your latest release “Still Down” EP. Did you do most of the writing or did you work with a team on this EP?
I co-wrote BULLET with Adonis Shropshire. Chef Tone did most of the writing on this EP. He and Maejor Ali flew to Houston with no real expectation, besides finally working together and seeing what came out of sessions together. We all hung out and gelled pretty fast. They really just listened to me about where I was in life, how I was feeling in my relationship and they went away and came back one by one with each piece of the EP. It was crazy! It took 6 days in Houston, a few bowls of seafood gumbo and we had it!

There are a few big name producers on this project with you-were you able to achieve the sound you wanted?
It’s exactly what I wanted.
My personal favorite record is “Bullet” Sonically its just perfect. What’s your favorite record on the EP?
Uggg! It MAY be impossible for me to pick a favorite. I love them all for really different reasons.

Bullet is particularly special to me.
What is your goal with this project?
Ultimately the goal was to introduce myself musically in an EP that held up over time. I wanted ‘Still Down’ to feel fresh, vibe-y and still have classic storytelling at the same time.

This EP is basically my ‘Hello, My Name Is Kyndall’ handshake. I didn’t come into this business with a ton of social media followers, friends or YouTube videos. Just my voice– So this is my first real effort. In fact–I  just read something Hillary Clinton said that stuck with me: You cannot be afraid to present yourself.”  So, finally! Here I am!

I really hope people connect with it and grow with me.
I wish you nothing but the best with this project and future endeavors. If you’re ever in the Midwest, defiantly OHIO holler at us and let us know. Also Please tell the people

how they can contact you and hear your music?
Thank you so much! I definitely will! I have family in Columbus, Ohio & in Youngstown! Wassup Buckeyes!

You can find me here:


Official Kyndall






Official Kyndall


determined to see my name in the credits and take home an award. Dassit.