iPhone double-launch: James Bond meets Molly

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If there is one thing Steve Jobs did right, it was name his product Apple. His product has peaked consumers’ curiosity and interest since inception; it could be a symbol for The Forbidden Fruit.

The scene: It’s 2 a.m. on a Friday morning. Tents, coolers and lawn chairs are in full effect outside of AT&T retail stores. It could be like a tailgate party, or maybe Black Friday, but in this skewed, modern reality people are in line for the launch of the newest iPhones.

The 5c, contrary to popular belief is not cheaply made. Although, it is the simpler model of the two.

It has polycarbonate casing, which is sturdy and gives the iPhone a tremendous facelift, like it took a charge from the Fountain of Youth. It comes in several different colors: yellow, lime green, pink and white. LOUD color preferences, none of which seem to be marketed towards males or anyone over the age of 21. It is essentially the iPhone 5 gone Dubstep.

The 5s is more of a grown and sexy, James Bond, Condoleezza Rice-type accessory piece.

The security measures on this model are over-ambitious to say the least. It has an impressive fingerprint scanner to unlock your phone, in place of the old code input method. It’s wicked-fast. The 64-bit processor is the only one of its kind as of now. It also comes in three colors: space gray, silver and gold.

On September 20, AT&T stores in Lexington, Ky. opened an hour early and required employees to work, even if it was their day off. Apple released the product at a snail’s pace to bolster demand. One store was supplied with only gray, and the gold iPhone is on back order, with a 4-6 month hold.

The 5c starts at $99 and the 5s, $199 (with a two-year agreement). Unless you have some classified B-613 files or a crazy significant other, the 5c will do you just fine, and Apple has tons of cases that can TURN DOWN the BPM on the 5c.


Andre Tunstill | @DreRegalT

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