Independent Artist of the Week: Kruzie

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Kruzie is a up incoming rapper from the country sides of Berea, Kentucky who has been making major waves in the music industry with the recent release of her EP “Kareful” streaming on all major platforms. Kareful really shows the level of skill and versatility Kruzie possesses as an artist. The way she effortlessly switches from rap to a r&b through out her songs. Like in her song “Komplicated” where she shows off her singing vocals with lyrics like, “Why you so komplicated, try to fake it till we make it”.

In her music video to her song “Kount It Up” off her EP, Krusie really taps into her inner child with lollipops, toys and a teddy bear that comes alive throughout this creatively thought out visual. With the big response and following Kruzie has received since the release of her hit EP Kareful just know this is only the beginning for her.

In this exclusive interview with The Mixx Magazine Kruzie goes more in depth about her newest EP “Kareful” along with her newest visual “Kount it up” and what we can expect from her in the future.