#MixxMusic Independent Artist Of the Week: Jay Elly

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Rapper Jay Elly has been building momentum with the release of his second solo album on August 21st 2018 ‘Take No Elz’, now available on all streaming platforms. An emerging voice in the music industry with his smooth laid-back rhythm & sound. Jay Elly hit the ground running with his first single off the album Faces that was accompanied by a visual. The music video artistically reps Jay Elly’s home town of Lexington, Kentucky by using the Lexington Legends baseball stadium as his playground throughout the video.

Jay Elly uses well thought out clever bars to tell stories about his life and lifestyle up to now. His melodic sound is accompanied with features from artist such as Paper Boy CasinoKruzie; and last but no least the three other members of his click known as The Only Crew, Kearn Cobain, Cub Capulet & Kickits. With that said for the whole first half of the album Jay Elly brings the heat bar after bar with no features. ‘Take No Elz’ was no let down and with well known producers like KY Engineering bringing attention in his album this isn’t the last you’ll hear of Jay Elly only the beginning. There’s nothing but W’s in the future for Jay Elly.

In this exclusive interview with The Mixx Magazine. Jay Elly goes more in depth about his new project ‘Take No Elz’  and introduces his newest visual off his album Faces.