Independent Artist Of the Week: Apache Gross

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Singer Apache Gross a west coast native who is currently creating classics out of Chicago, Illinois has been building momentum in the music industry with the release of his latest single “Everything Is Paid For“. Apache Gross’s enchanting new single was released on November 16th 2018 and is currently steaming on all major platforms. “Everything Is Paid For” really shows fans why his music is considered alternative R&B . The song starts with jazzy guitar chords mixed in perfectly with trap drums giving the song a smooth hiphop vibe. With lyrics like “Now it’s longer night and shorter days, but that’s the life you live baby and yea it pays. Your future big all you need to plan, you an independent woman you don’t need no man”, you can see why this song is easily a fan favorite.

  Apache Grosse started his career in 2016 when he dropped his first ever mixtape “After Her” where he finally shared his smooth timeless vocals to the world. Since then he has dropped three singles along with music videos. Those being “Brooklyn Girl” and “Posion” along with his newest single “Everything Is Paid For“. With the big response and following he has received since dropping his newest single “Everything Is Paid For” just know this is only the beginning for Apache Grosse.

In this exclusive interview with The Mixx Magazine Apache Grosse goes more in depth about his newest single “Everything Is Paid for” along with his career and what we can expect from him in the future.

What was your inspiration for making this song?

Everything is paid for is a true story actually based off of a good friend of mine. I meet a girl awhile back while living in Arizona, who lived in Los Angeles. I never knew what she did but ever time I would visit her she was always balling out. She has the cleanest pad in WEST HO, wore the freshest fits, always had mountains of Gas to smoke and was constantly traveling. She was also probably the toughest girl I knew. It was always funny watching guys come up to her at bars because she would just destroy them. It wasn’t until later in our friendship I discovered what she actually did for a profession. If you listen closely to my lyrics in detail then you’ll know why I’m not dropping her name 

What is the vibe you would say you were trying to give off to the listeners in this song? 

I want you to feel empowered, independent, reliant, and rich. It doesn’t matter who you are, music is the gateway to fantasy. I hope someone can close there eyes listen to my song and believe that they are all of these things.

Can fans expect to see a music video for this single dropping soon?

You can expect a visual experience  for everything is paid for in early 2019H

Who or what inspired you to become a recording artist? 

From a young age I always knew I wanted to make music my life and career. When I gained the resources and ability to start recording it was the next step in my musical evolution and the start of my career.

Do you play any instruments? If not what instruments would you like to know how to play? Why?

I do. Piano is my primary instrument but I do play Guitar as well as produce.

If you were to participate on lip sync battle who would you like to battle and why and what song would you pick?

Micheal Jackson dirty Diana for sure. What’s a lip sync battle without some dance moves. 

What is your process for when you go in the studio to record music? 

My process is as follows – Inception, development, execution, and perfection. When I head into the studio I rarly enter a session with a idea for a song. The first step of my process is inception. When I create a song I start with production. I start by lopping a couple of chords and drums into a 4/8 bar loop. After I get a the production to a place that envokes emotion, I begin to freestyle. I move to the mic, close my eyes and let my subconscious run wild. I go until a story starts to develop and that is when I move to my second stage, development. I take a moment to process my freestlyes and understand where the story stems from and where it is going. I then move to the arrangement of the song. I build the structure and production of the song out In it’s entirety. After that I sit and write the rest of the lyrics and story of the song. I then move to execution. This is where I hit the vocal booth and record my vocals and finish the final details of the production. From there the last stem of the process is perfection, which can include anything from small tweaks to comepleatly repeating all of the previous steps. When I feel fulfilled  I stop and the song is complete.

You say this is your last single you are dropping for this year. What can we expect from Apache Grosse in 2019? 

Moves. This year has taught me a lot and I hope to you use that knowledge to further my artistic capabilities and career. Expect hits out of left field. 

Any up incoming EP’s or Albums we should know about? 

I am currently working on a collection of songs I feel represent my current creative style and story. A release date is not yet set