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Wild Thing$ Clothing Brand sprouted it’s roots into the fashion industry in 2016 from the mind of the CEO of Wild Thing$ Jaron Jones . This highly motivated visionary from Lexington, Ky has been making major waves in fashion industry ever since; with well known public figures now rocking his apparel like music producer KY Engineering and NBA player Shelvin Mack just to name a few. Based on the sells and the following Wild Thing$ has received in recent years just know this only the beginning for Jaron Jones and his clothing brand.

But no matter how big Jaron Jones and Wild Thing$ get in the fashion industry he has shown that he will never forget where he came from. He has shown this to be factual with his most recent apparel to come out with his neighborhood being the main focus “WinBurn”.

You can shop and get all of the latest Wild Thing$ clothing and accessories online at

WILD THING$ crəate™ the (woЯld), make your own imagination.

In this exclusive interview with The Mixx Magazine Jaron Jones goes more in-depth about his Clothing Brand Wild Thing$ and what inspired him to create this artistically creative apparel.

How did you come up with the name for your brand of clothing and accessories?

The Book (Where the Wild Things Are), the story line behind that book helped with the name of the brand. That was one of my favorite books growing up.

What inspired you to start your brand Wild Thing$ clothing line?

Life inspired me to start WILD THING$ as cliche as that may sound, to be real and open heartbreak. Once you isolate, that pain can help you come up with some creative s**t. For me it was this brand, it was therapy for me, I locked in like mad max in (Where the Wild Things Are) and created my own world.

My homie Maggie helped me out with the mission statement:

We are all great, though sometimes misunderstood. When we realize our greatness, our inner Wild Thing, we face challenges. We are challenged by society. We are beat down, scoffed at, laughed at, and excluded. We must conform or be outcast. Anything that isn’t “normal” is “impossible.”

“They are wrong.”

It is the Wild Thing inside of us that allows us to break free from the restraints of conformity, so that we may reach our maximum potential. The journey tests us and exposes us to the elements, but we remain steadfast in our efforts. We are in control of our happiness and our destiny. We are strong. We are Wild. We are King.

Thank You for your inspiration,

“What you imagine shall become your reality.”

How did you come up with the original logo for your brand Wild Thing$?

The bear represents life, no matter how much you get beat down stitch yourself back up, stay consistent, and remain king/queen of your world. That’s how I came up with the concept of the logo.

How long have you been designing clothes?

Since a youngin, my mother worked for dillards since I was born so you know the discounts was crazy ha. But when I couldn’t get the new stuff you had to be creative to make 5 fits turn into 20 fits. I’m not a designer at all, I just like being fresh and coming up with concepts. If you can come up with different concepts on how to wear the same fit 5 different ways you fresh to me.

Would you consider yourself a hypebeast and do you consider WildThing$ as hypebeast clothing?

I think everybody a hypebeast about things they’re passionate about; taste markers, influencers, whatever you want to call yourself, just like what you like everythings been done before. Wild Thing$ is for everybody, I just want people to be like thats dope and know what it represents.

If you were going out with your homies and you felt one of your homies outfits were not swag and/or did not look good on him. Would you tell him or as they say “Let Him Live” and not say anything?

Imma let him do him for the most part, I might let em know he cat if he ask tho ha.

What inspired your newest “Win-Burn” clothes you have recently released?

That’s where I’m from, it’s a lot of legends from out burn, out of Lexington period. It’s some people doing some great things that came out of winburn I just wanted to honor that and let people know winburn dope.     

What can we expect in the future for Wild Thing$?

Growth, that’s it.