In The Mixx w/ Dupree Entertainment

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Dupree Entertainment is a artist management company that is on the rise in the music industry with a lot of talent up there sleeves. Dupree Entertainment was established in 2017 and is located out of Lexington, Ky. The Company is ran by Stephon Warren with his highly motivated and well connected group of individuals backing him.

Dupree Entertainment currently has rapper Drebo out of West Palm Beach, Florida signed to them with his hit song “Squeezed Up”. Drebo has been a sleeping giant for sometime since his incarceration but has recently been released and is sure to make major waves in the music industry with him back on his feet.

Dupree Entertainment has recently signed a talented duo of teens out of Providence, Rhode Island by the names of Jake & Zac. These two multi-talented brothers are the newest addition to the Dupree Entertainment family. They recently dropped there latest single “Bad For Me” since being signed to the Dupree Entertainment. With the little time these brothers have been signed, Dupree Entertainment has already sparked a big interest from major record labels across the country.

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In this exclusive interview with The Mixx Magazine CEO Stephon Dupree talks about his management company and what they offer to artist and also about his currently signed artist on his roster.

Interview with CEO (Stephon Warren) who helped with Bryson Tillers Discovery, has ties with French superstar Yo Trane and continues to be a known cultivator of talent in the music industry