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BirdzEyeView Clothing brand has been keeping people drippin with style in his apparel since its start in 2014. The creator and CEO Donta Williams with his gifted good taste for fashion and style thoroughly envisioned a trendy new look and brought it to life. With big well known names rocking heavy with his brand such as Big Fendi, DJ Brorabb and DJ Shakim just to name a few. With such a huge following from trend setters all over and the CEO’s motivation and drive to constantly take BirdzEyeView Clothing to the next level globally. Just know that BirdzEyeView has just began to seriously take flight in the music industry.

You can jump into this soaring wave of apparel by visiting there website or there store at 2122 losantiville Ave. Cincinnati Ohio 45237 where your sure to see plenty of Cinci natives rocking the stylish Birdz apparel.

In this exclusive interview with The Mixx Magazine Donta Williams goes more in-depth about his clothing brand BirdzEyeView and what inspired him to create this artistically creative apparel.

What inspired you to start your clothing brand BirdzEyeView?  

I’ve always been a fan of fashion since a kid. So growing up I always told myself once I get a chance to do it I’m a make it happen.

How did you come up with the name for your brand of clothing and accessories?

My grandma, Rest in peace.She called me Birdie. So I incorporated the name into the brand. My view on fashion.

How did you come up with the original logo for your brand?

Had a partner of mines sit down and sketch up an idea I had and brought it to life.. we went through alot of sketches but this was the one I felt connected to.

How long have you been designing clothes?

I been designing clothes since my early childhood.. drawing up sketches and comparing them to the name brand styles then like le Coqsportiff, Izod, Van Grack etc…
Have you ever considered designing other accessories to your clothing line such as glasses shoes etc.?

Yes sir. My mind always on advancing and reinventing the brand. I Actually have something in the works Coming Soon!

Would you consider BirdzEyeView urban entire?

I wouldnt just say urban attire. I’m trying to Appeal to the masses. Urban sounds boxed in, I want the world to see how Flyy Birdz (pun INTENDED)
Who has the better clothing line between the two Brands?

Gucci Or Fendi’

I’ve always been a big fan of Gucci, despite they last little hiccup I’m still a fan.

Rocawear Or Sean John

I Rocs(no pun) with Jay tuff so its unanimous

FILA Or Champion

Fila over Champion. All because I use to listen to this Philly Rapper (Steady B) and he rocked this Fila jumpsuit in his video(serious remix Krs-one) I had to have one..

Lois Vuitton Or Supreme

Supreme nice but Louis my favorite hands down

What can we expect in the future for BirdzEyeView?

Def more styles and collaborations in the next few months after things settle back to normal from this severe crisis. We’ll be doing pop up shops going from city to city, 3 cities a month. So stay tuned and subscribe to our website keep up with the latest news and fashion.

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