I Promise! The First Of Its Kind

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A King is supposed to be a man of the people, someone they can look up to. A noble and honorable person who leads by example. A person who looks over and gives back to the his people. This is just what the King, Lebron James has strive to do and has accomplish with his new school I Promise!

I Promise school opened officially Monday, July 30th in Lebron’s hometown of Akron, Ohio. The school was created for at-risk students with only 240 students in attendance all in third and forth grade. By the year 2022 The Kings plans to expand adding grades 1st through 8th. Lebron James was inspired to open his school that is sponsored by Lebron James Family Foundation to help students that are behind in school. Which is why the school will have a longer school year and longer class hours than other schools. The “I  Promise” name stems from the schools agreement for there students that they will promise to go to school, do their homework, listen to teachers, ask questions and find answers, be respectful of others and live a healthy life. Lebron not only extended the school time to help the kids of his school catch up but he has also gone above and beyond by providing the students and there families with a substantial amount of free items and services.

Lebron James will be providing all the students of his school with free tuition to the school and uniforms. He will be giving every student a bike and helmet so they can get to school and have the ability to ride and see the city. His school will provide every student free breakfast, lunch and snacks during school and on top of that the school has its own food pantry for parents in need. The school also has GED and job placement services for parents because how can you expect a student to be at there best if the parent(s) can’t provide for them or help them with homework. This is a well thought out idea come to life that we hope will inspire other professional athletes to do the same. Some have already stepped to the plate, Derek Rose a few days after the opening of the I Promise school, started the Rose scholarship. Where he will be giving 400,000 dollars in scholarships to high school students every year.

If you want to be apart of history, help this one of a kind school and leave your mark in history you can. In the entrance of the I Promise school there is a collage of Lebron’s shoes that have all been worn in a game. There is 114 shoes hanging on the walls in total. Each pair to each shoe will be auctioned off and the buyers name will be hung by the matching pair in the school.

Lebron has truly become the change we need in the world as King’s should and he has shown what MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGIAN really looks like! (Pun Intended)