#HonestSinner: “What’s Beef?”

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What’s beef? 

Beef is when you have a mother and a father with a child stuck in between. Beef is petitioning for child support out of spite just because it’s, “I hate you now and you’re with them now”. What’s beef? Beef is keeping a child away from the other parent because it’s a quick way to break that man/woman down. Beef is when use that child as collateral damage in a war of bitterness between two adults.

What’s the bitterness about? Do you not realize how blessed you are just to be able to raise and call a child your own? There’s a lot people dying to be put in your position. How about instead of wasting precious time focusing on what the other parent is or isn’t doing – man or woman (whichever fits your situation), redirect that same energy towards something more positive or constructive.

God placed you in a very important position. One that requires you to teach, guide, nature and mentor his most precious gifts – his angels. See contrary to what you may believe, that’s HIS child that he’s placed in your earthly care. He’s really the person that entrusted “YOU” to raise that child. Not the other human being that you find yourself arguing and fighting with to get things done. Stop trying to convince somebody of what it is you need done or what they need to do to help you with raising an Angel. You think they don’t know that already? You think they’ve forgotten that they have a whole baby waiting on them to do the same things that you’re doing? You’re grown and you know better, stop playing with yourself and handle your business.

There’s no need to talk down or bad about your co-conspirator, for what, will it change anything? Will it stop them from living? Will it keep somebody else from falling in love with them? Hell nah, their life will go on and you’ll be lagging behind because you’re still focused on them.

But what about my baby? 

What about it? Are you not capable of providing what God instilled in you to that child. Yeah, the idea was for both of you to partake in the growth process. But guess what, if you know God like you think you do then you know that the situation was already written and one of you wasn’t suppose to make it the end. Now don’t get it twisted if you’re purposely withholding or using that child as a pawn in your devilish scheme because you feel some type of way, then shame on you. If that co-conspirator is trying in any shape or form to be in that angel’s life (even if it’s not financially) and if they’re making a honest effort to contribute to that child’s well being – let them! Sure money helps and it’s damn sure needed, but don’t get in the way or try and stop what it is they’re doing. Learn to address that concern accordingly and don’t harp on it. As that child gets older they’ll see it. It’ll manifest all on its own trust me. Parents who grew up in single parent homes know exactly what I’m talking about. You continue to do your job and do it to your fullest potential. The blessing may not come right away but it will. If you think about it, you’ve already received it and it stares at you everyday like you’re the best thing to ever happen to it. And guess what, you are!

See in Ephesians 4:31-32 it states:

31 Get rid of all bitterness, rage and anger, brawling and slander, along with every form of malice. 32 Be kind and compassionate to one another,forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you.

You’ll never be forgiven if you don’t learn how to forgive. That whole situation was already planned and thought out just for you. Consider it one of the biggest exams that God will ever give you and what it means if you were to pass it with flying colors. Yeah studying for it is difficult as hell. But once you figure out what the important parts are – what you really need to focus on and how to remove the non-essential parts from the equation. That feeling of becoming free in that moment trumps all.

What’s free?

Free is only worrying about what you can control.

Free is when you’re not being controlled by the situation.

You don’t have to make a spectacle of your co-conspirator to make the spectacular happen.

Pray for them and forgive them to get free.

Give it time. They know their mistakes. Eventually they’ll wanna be free like you, show them

What’s free.