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Desus* we have discovered, is not simply a persona. The MF DOOM fan seems clouded in mystique, but maybe it’s just the trademark dog-in-ski mask avatar he’s sported as long as we’ve followed him. “Seuss,” as friends endearingly refer to him, is a real person living in the Bronx, where he was born and raised long enough ago “to remember when Ice Cube was scary.” With 12.5K followers on Twitter and exponentially more RTs of his genius commentary daily, we wonder if this social media comedian isn’t above a Shorty award. What we’re most interested in is the duality of the kid—how he deftly navigates appeal to both the masses and the enlightened, the basic and the cerebral. We gotta hear both sides . . .


What offends Desus?

Miley Cyrus’ booty meat and paying $13 a pack for Newports

What was Desus for Halloween?

Avoiding kids looking for candy handouts in Obama’s Socialist America. Also, drunk.

What does Desus do for fun?

Check the balance on my bank account and laugh. Or kick freestyles to people calling from collection agencies about why I don’t got it.

Does MF DOOM inspire Desus?

Of course. I was a big KMD** fan, so it was a natural progression. “Mm.. Food” is my ish yo.

What is Desus’ philosophy on art produced in the last 5 years?

If it’s not a black love painting on crushed velvet, I honestly don’t mess with art. But I’m definitely feeling work by my homie Mreeuh Chang (@MREEUH).

What kind of person would Desus marry?

Ewwww. Marriage. I’ll pass.  Only difference between marriage and prison is at prison you have a release date to look forward to.

How many “box offerings” does Desus get a day?

Thousands . . . in my mind. In real life . . . probably half that, depending on if I got a fresh lineup.

Has Desus ever eaten chitterlings? Does he recommend them?

Chitterlings are disgusting and I wouldn’t recommend them. We’re free now.

Does Desus eat mayonnaise on white bread?

I’m post racial, but not that post racial.

How would Desus describe #DickTooBomb to those not a part of his Twitter family?

DickTooBomb is the world’s first crowd sourced urban hood novel I’m writing with my partners in crime @stephbmore & @kokupuff. The novel is about Keisha, a woman who finds her life turned upside down when she meets earth-changing dick. The novel already has a big buzz in the streets, and we gave away the first pages for free to get people hooked. (Search under the hash tag #dicktoobomb).

BONUS: (For the comedic artist behind Desus) Is Desus your only character? What birthed Desus? OR What is the artist statement behind Desus?

Desus isn’t a Twitter persona. I’m the same way in real life, and people are always surprised when they meet me and see I’m just like my Tweets, which is either amazing or scary.


Questions: Zephir Marie | @InZFlesh 

Words: Joy Priest | @Dalai_Mama_

*Pronounced the English and the Spanish way, either is acceptable to the comedian who says: “It was originally pronounced like Jesus, but I know too many Spanish people to force that injustice on them.” 

 **Kausing Much Damage or A positive Kause in a Much Damaged Society was a hip hop trio in the early 90s of which MF DOOM was a member.

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