#Dabeeside Exclusive interview with @Nerdatthecooltable

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What’s up good people!?  It’s your boy Trav Dave lacing you with another great interview. This guy and I go back. Way before the Twitter retweet button was created. We were cool before the Twitter wave first hit in 2008, it was only a couple of us on Twitter at that time. Shout out to Jameel from 8081 and Sickamore. I have watched this guy create his own lane while assisting people along the way. He created a blog to help people put out their ideas and connect with other people. He’s always a man for the people and super creative wave maker and one of the biggest influencers on this Twitter platform. One time for my man –  Raymond Farris creator of NerdAtTheCoolTable.



What was it like growing up and living in Delaware?


Growing up in Delaware is just like any other place. The growing pains, lessons, good times and lots of memories. It’s like a melting pot of Philly, Jersey, and NYC. Honestly, I love Delaware and the people here. The good and the bad. I love it all.



When you started your blog, did you imagine that you’d still be doing it and growing 10 years later?

Yes, I did. I knew I would stick with it because I loved doing it. I love giving people a voice, I love helping people out, I love having people relate to what I think or put out into the world. I didn’t predict I would have the following I do but I knew the blog/brand would be something that would be a part of me for the long run.



A lot of people recognize your influence online early on and reached out to you. A couple of those people went on to have successful careers. Can you talk about a few people you helped along the way?



I don’t really like to be the “I did this” guy or take credit for come ups. I did what I could for a few people, not to “make them blow” or show how influential I am. Just to give something to the culture. I’ve helped out with a lot of people that are winning out here. I’m just going off the top of my head but these are some of the people I’ve done stuff with or just throw an assist to before they took off. Metro Boomin, Mike Zombie, Troy Ave, Dave East, Ye Ali, Sap, Taxstone and Cyn Santana.


Nerd Nash is one of your aliases; you really help people out and put people in great positions. Literally assisting people to reach goals but you have a campaign and merch that says “Focus On Yourself”. Why do you continue to help and support people instead of keeping the connects for just yourself?


“Focus On Yourself” basically means just be great. Focus on your greatness. Whether that’s helping others, helping yourself, etc. whatever makes you feel good and makes you better focus on that.

As far as me connecting and me always helping out, it’s all about spreading the wealth and by wealth I mean knowledge or wealth just meaning connecting a dot for someone. It’s not a big deal to me because I feel it’s what should be done.



Now, you have definitely been involved with your share of rapper/twitter beef because of your strong opinions online. Can you tell us a few stories about rappers who said your name in their rhymes?



I think Fab is the only rapper to throw a slight shot at me and that was all fun and games, I think. I got into some twitter stuff with Pusha T but that was nothing. None of it was anything. I’m not out here disrespecting people. It’s all just jokes.

I know it’s cliche to say, but you have been at the forefront for many online waves via Twitter. How do you stay ahead of the curve and know what’s going to pop next in our culture?

I’m just being me honestly. It’s no formula. I don’t wake up and say “hmmm what wave can I start?” I just live and think and what happens happens.

Church for the Wild Podcast is thriving out here. What made you want to start a podcast and can you tell the thought process behind making a good show?

It’s been an idea for years but Jamisa finally got us together and we did it. That kind of opened the door for the new rush of podcasts in my opinion. I love it too. I want as many podcasts around as possible. As for my process for making a good show… I usually jot down notes to myself days prior just to be prepared. Nothing magical.

What are your top 3 black Twitter moments and why?


Wow, there’s way too many moments.

Me vs Pusha T was great because it literally lasted a week. We were at each other for 7 days straight.

Obama becoming president was a dope moment.

I’ve been on Twitter too fucking long there are new moments every few hours.


What’s next for NerdAtTheCoolTable brand?

Without saying too much, The Nerd At The Cool Table and Gem Factory brand will be doing a lot this year. I’m working on a book, new visual ideas, more merch and other mad shit coming up – just stay alert.


I just want to thank you for taking the time out to do this interview. We go back and it’s dope to see you grow and continue to help people out. We’ve  seen a lot of people fall off throughout this whole time so it’s good to see you’re still thriving. Any shout outs?

Shout out to everyone who inspires me. My Daughter, Jamisa, Ron, DJ No Answer, Hovain, Sickamore, Wayno, and shouts to everyone that fucks with me. Every single person.