#Dabeeside Exclusive: Interview with the ladies of Th3ree

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What’s up people? It’s your boy Trav Dave and I’m back with another artist spotlight. This trio of young ladies represents the Bay Area. We all know about the talent from there and these “Thr3ee” ladies are no different. Tamika Rankins, Deborah Ingram, and Brittani Fisher are bringing back that hip-hop smoothed out on an R&B tip. The collective is known as “Thr3ee”. They are restoring the feeling that reminds you of TLC with a new twist and wave. I had a chance to sit down and talk to these beautiful ladies. Check them out here.


Q.How long have you, ladies, been a trio and actually recording music together?

A.We’ve been together officially since 2012 but we started doing music together in 2008.

Q. How is the writing process within the group? Who comes up with the beat, hook, and bridges?

A. We all write, and usually together.(Brittani)

Sometimes we’ll randomly find beats apart and bring them to each other and sometimes we find beats together. (Tamika)

We all come up with our own parts but we also help each other when needed.(Deborah)

Q. The Bay Area is so talented. What’s in the water out there that makes everything dope? Also, do you ladies feel like The Bay Area gets the props it deserves?

A. Lol everyone says that “What’s in the water” Look at the music we were raised on by trendsetters with so much creativity!! It’s just in the soil you have to be from here to understand.

No never. The Bay does not get the recognition it deserves but one day we will.

Q. Which one do you ladies like more? Writing and recording or performing?

A.. All equally, we can’t even choose. We just try to do all Thr3ee at a high level. 

Q. I know all “Thr3ee” of you write. Can each of you name an artist who you want to write and produce for?

A. Brittani – I would love to write with Keri Hilson, & a writing session w Jazmine Sullivan.

Deborah – Kelly Rowland, & Beyoncé. I would love to have writing sessions with Erykah Badu & Sade, not write for them, but with them.

Tamika – Rihanna & writing session with Bruno Mars.

Q. Which one of you ladies is the “Bad Girl” out of the group? Who is most likely to set it off?

A. Uhh lol.. We are from Oakland. Take what you want out of that.


Q.Alright, you ladies are fine. My fellas want to know who is single and how can we take yall on a date?

A. Aww thank you, we’re focused on our music. The music comes 1st, the fun will come later.


Q. What’s next for “Thr3ee”?

A. Definitely new music, new videos, touring and more. Just keep looking out for us!


Please tell the people how they can get the music and where to contact you ladies at?



I want to thank you, ladies, for taking the time out to do this interview. Excited to see what the future holds.

Special shout out to DPA aka Dr. Post A Lot.