#Dabeeside Exclusive: Interview with Ne’shay “Abby” Robinson

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What’s good people? It’s your boy Trav Dave and I’m back with my Artist Spotlight. This person is easily one of the most creative people I know. She is a renaissance woman that can do it all. Limitless ideas on how to create events and curate things for people. Recently I got a chance to go to a pop-up shop she had that was amazing. The attention to detail, the items and not to mention the food were all on point. After the event, I got a chance to pick her brain and see where she draws that inspiration from. Check out my interview with Miss Ne’Shay “Abby” Robinson.


You are a  curator of art. What exactly does that mean you do? And how did you step into that profession?

Being a curator basically became a lifestyle for me. Curating collections became an easier way for me to group all of my creative talents under 1 umbrella. Over the years I had begun to accumulate various collections of random items that I decided to sell 1 day. After my 1st few sales to a few of my friends, I knew that I had found a niche for finding unique conversation pieces. I collect everything from tea sets, Clothing, Accessories, Art, other random items, and sometimes even people. I truly believe that there is a client for every item that I find along my journey. The major key is making the genuine connection to obtain the sale.

When it comes to fashion, where do you draw your inspiration from? What is your favorite era of fashion?

My inspiration comes from my current mood. Some days I wake up feeling like BADU at a golf tournament (A simple statement with a pop of color or a bold accessory). Other days I feel like RiRi on her way to the gym.(Comfy but very Flirty) On a special occasion day, I always feel like my favorite era of fashion the 1920s. I literally love showing up looking like a character from Downton Abbey mixed with a little Josephine Baker.

Can you tell us about your experience in Culinary school?

I graduated from the Pennsylvania Culinary Institute in 2005. I attended the Northeast career center where I interned at the Hilton Easton. While Interning I served as my class president and was able to be granted several scholarships to assist with my tuition. As fate would have it while at culinary school I became pregnant and delayed my graduation internship by 1 year. During that time not only did I have a beautiful baby boy, but I was filled with a ton of discouragement. I turned to what I love most, Fashion and cooking. My love for fashion came very naturally and cooking became many experiments on my family and friends. I was so determined to complete my graduation that I interned locally in Columbus and decided to take on Retail life after graduation. With the hospitality industry being so demanding and having a baby boy Retail was a much more suitable choice as a new mother. Ironically my love for all 3 of my passions (My Son, /Hospitality/Culinary Arts, and Fashion) all play a major part in how I am represented as a brand today.

Tell us about “Cliche” and how that came about?

Cliché’- Cliché’ literally derived from frustration. Frustration from an overhaul of things being collected and new product coming in weekly it was only right to get it out there ASAP. With the overuse of “POP UP” and being aware of multiple events the exact same weekend as Cliché’  many events had been tagged “POP UPs”. So Basically my team and I decided that it was so Cliché’ to use “Pop Up” again that we laughed so hard because as planning went on for the no named event approaching we were officially stumped. After reviewing every element for the event it was only a few things shy of a “Pop Up” so we coined it “CLICHE'”. We added a simple twist just to set us apart by creating an interactive experience. We provided a personal 1 on 1 experience with each guest that attended the event. Food/Drinks were served from our special menu, Dj Durl provided the perfect sound track, and my team and I provided the smiles with a completely tailored shopping experience.

You have worked on and created events outside of Columbus, Ohio, but we have potential here.What is it about Columbus that makes us different from other cities?

Having the opportunity to work with various cities and people on a range of events and projects has opened my eyes and mind greatly. I think what makes Columbus different is the Enthusiasm, Appreciation, and the Respect shown for multiple events that happen locally.But, there are a few things that could change.  This is simply me stating my opinion and personal observation. Columbus shows a clear division between like-minded events that could easily be conquered by squashing egos and learning to effectively work together. Columbus could and should show more of a united identity as a city. Now I will say that Columbus has definitely been improving in major ways from seminars to collaboration events. These events have reached out to many different types of professionals, artist, and a wide variety of locals and placing them into 1 room where they can relate to a common subjects or interest. I believe for Columbus to have more growth in the city and reach new levels we must seek change and accountability.  It’s merely turning on your signal light while driving, not because you have to do so or because it’s illegal to not signal while making a turn, but simply as a courtesy to the drivers behind you. Every city has a core group of individuals who become the go to people for their particular groups. I believe that those people understand and should take responsibility as influencers in the city to see a movement instead of a small march. They should be the ones to simply light the fire to encourage open minds and eyes to see a bigger and better-united front. Columbus amongst other cities are great at creating lanes, but sometimes we lack a flow of traffic. Also, there are a lot of people who are afraid to ride in the HOV lane. Someone once told me that “As creatives we tend to get in our own way and stay in our own heads only to over-think and under deliver. I myself have been guilty of all of the above greatly. I think in order to make the change we all have to take accountability for ourselves and want the change. I personally have committed to making a conscious effort to bridge gaps in my lane and taking a few rides in the HOV lane for the movement, momentum, and consistent common goals. Columbus is a great place and could be the example for many cities. #JOINME

What’s next for Ne’shay “Abby” Robinson?

What’s next for me is Cliché’ PT.2, More collaborations, literally somebody’s gym, and of course being one of those people to encourage the future of Columbus. We all have time to see something GREAT!


I want to thank you for taking the time to do this interview.Please tell the people how they can get in contact with you and where they can see your work.


Instagram: @ I_AM_NE_SHAY   


Website: Thestyleandgrace.com

Email: styleandgraceneshay@gmail.com