#Dabeeside: Exclusive Interview with Alexis Renee

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What’s good, good people!? It’s your boy, Trav Dave and I’m back to get you hip to a new and upcoming artist that I was recently introduced to. One of my good friends, Phella put me on to this new artist that recently partnered with producer Jazze Pha. She is super cool and makes dope music so it was only natural that I sat down with her to talk about her career and what new music she has coming to us in 2017. She’s originally from Oklahoma now residing in Atlanta, – Alexis Renee.


Q: Growing up in Tulsa, Oklahoma what inspired you to get into music?

A:  BET  (haha) That was like my window to the rest of the world. It’s easy to get caught up in that small town way of thinking/living and not “want more”. So I began doing talent shows at school as far back as Kindergarten. I remember being 6 years old and performing “I believe I can fly” by R.Kelly (sounds like the beginning of a terrible joke).  My parents were always very supportive as well, that allowed me the freedom to really dive into perfecting my craft at a young age.

Q: You had a dope song back in 2011 called “Stupid Love Song”. Did you write and produce that record?


A:  I wrote it, I think the REALLY dope part it’s that the producer is this extremely talented female that I’ve known for years named  “Brittany Chi Coney”. She has gone on to do so many amazing things. She has since been working with everyone from Kehlani to Ariana Grande’ and everyone in between. I believe the Ariana Grande’ record got her a grammy nomination as well. She’s super talented.

Q: I think an artist like Lauren Hill, Andre 3000 and even Cee-Lo open the doors for artists like Drake to rap and sing. Do you consider yourself a rapper 1st or an R&B singer?

A: The word “singer” scares me. I can’t sing but I’ve just managed to make some pretty cool melodies with my voice on songs. I don’t really consider myself a rapper either. I fall somewhere in the middle. When people ask, I just say that “I’m a hip-hop artist” and I still don’t even know how accurate that is. Maybe I should start saying “I’m a rhythmic urban expressionist” or something like that, What do you think? Haha

Q: How important is it for you to write your own music?


A: Very. I love to collaborate though and putting together great ideas with like-minded individuals, though.

Q: When you write for other artist do you bring them to your world or try to get some insight of their world?

A: That’s a great question. A little bit of both. I have to know a little about the person to give them a great product. The easiest people to write for are the ones that don’t know themselves, they’ll accept anything. That’s great for making money but as a creative, it could get old really quick.

Q: I feel like the boxes that labels put around artist have been broken down over the past few years because people can create in home studios with different sounds and styles nowadays. When you’re creating music, do you have a formula you stick to, or do you just go to the studio and work? Explain your process.


A: As funny as it seems, my recording process is very spiritual (no matter how ratchet the song is). I don’t write, I go into the booth, mumble out melodies that connect with how I’m really feeling and replace them with words. As long as the feeling is there the words are easy. That’s the spiritual part, connecting with how I truly feel.

Q: How did you meet Jazze Pha?


A:  I had quit doing music after my mother passed away last year and a friend of mine asked me to come down to a studio she was working at to just start writing with her. Her name is Misha Fair, she doesn’t get enough credit for changing my life but I’m very grateful that God placed her in my life at that time. I think the story of how I met her is more interesting than meeting Jazze. Anywho, a producer brought Jazze into the room to play him some of the songs we had written and we connected instantly and he is like a big brother to me now.

Q: “HOLD ME DOWN“ featuring Jazze Pha is picking up steam and making some noise out there. I like that record a lot. What are some of your goals to become more visible and grow your audience in 2017?


A: The song hasn’t been fully released yet but it is out there for the tastemakers to get ahold of. We are getting ready to get the visuals together for it as we speak. As for more visibility, I just have to be more consistent with releasing visuals, doing interviews, shows etc.

Q: If there was any artist you could work with from the past, present or future. Who would it be and why?


A: Jay-z and Beyonce’. Separately.

Q: Anyone you want to give a special shout out to?


I want to thank you so much for taking the time out to do this interview with me. Please tell the people where they can get your music and how they can reach out to you and follow your growth in 2017.



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